A truly sad poem about the rape of a 16 year old who now has no reason to live.

A few years ago, this happened to my friend. and I wanted people to know about the disgusting ways of rapists.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Poems on Society

Lost Wanderer
Here I stand,
alone and afraid;
feeling filthy and unwanted.

he took my soul;
my virginity;
my life;
my hopes;
my dreams.

I am nothing now.
nothing but a lost wanderer.
wandering this cruel world
thinking why he did what he did, to me.

I didn't deserve this punishment.
didn't deserve it at all.
but when he grabbed me and began ripping my dignity away bit by bit,
the fear arose within me.

he touched me over and over.
told me I would soon die.
told me I was a "whore".
but why?

in a way, I did die.
in a way, I am still here.

a lost wanderer.
alone and afraid.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • natalie
    wow thats all i can say i luv this poem i know how it feels i now the truth
  • jillian
    This poem touch me because alot of people (boys/girls)feel this way but they just think they're alone. It's about time some spoke up of the feelings that once could not be revealed. -keep on keeping on and stay strong *jill
  • Heather
    wow. this describes exactly how i feel. no one quite seems to understand or know what to do.
  • Lyndsey
    I absolutely love this poem. I can relate to it very well.
  • emma
    tragically real to me. x
  • Ranae
    gurl all i have to say is hold your head up i have been rapped to once bby my own flesh and bloode but i promised god i would hold on so keep your head up and try not to think bou tit i have bad dreams at night seein his face but im goin to get help but forever i will pray bye gurl
  • crystal
    this poem as really touched my heart and im sure many others too. but i just wanted to say that im sorry that it happened to your best friend. i know how she felt cuz it happened to me too. it also happened to my sister by her coach and my brothers ex-gurlfriend by her tio. me it was by my brother in-law
  • SHY
    I was really moved by your poem now I know im not the only one
  • kayla
    I love this poem it really spoke to me and i feel the same way all the time and ionce loved someone and they turned me down i know what it feels like great poem other people should really read it By kayla starr bainbridge
  • Luka
    this. this is soooo awsum! so sad n depresing! i reeli feel bad for the girl.
  • jesse
    Everyone should read this poem. Rape is worse than murder because its unmotivated. I would gladly die trying to save a stranger from rapists.
  • cheyenne
    I to know how this world can be so cruel. I too have a friend that has been raped but i pefer not to minchen any names. Her self to is ashamed,not that the fact about what happened it's just the fact that she will never be the same and can never really talk about that night to me its to painfull for her but your poem touched me real deep down inside and im just sending you a feedback to let you know that your poem not only touched my heart but hers as well! THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY LETTER I SENT BACK TO YOU!
  • Katelynn
    . your poem was great I was raped two years ago. a teacher found out and is helping me get help. it's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. but maybe one day I'll feel better about. thanx for writing a poem about it and making me realise how bad it really is.
  • feria
    i think this poem is very toching. my best friend was raped by her 2 older brothers so i know how the author feels. going through something like that would be unimaginable, even knowing someone who goes through that makes your life a living HELL. my best friend is like a sister to me. as i am writing this we are arranging her funeral service.
  • court
    Hi, that poem is really good. im like cryin coz of it. im 15 and about a month ago i was raped. it explains exactly how i feel.
  • carly
    Please girls, If this or anything like this ever happenes to you again get help. This should never happen and I could only imagine what it feels like. I am sorry it happened.
  • Corrinne
    I felt everything in that poem. I was raped as a child and I feel that I cannot just keep it bottled up any longer. It hasbeen nearly 15 yrs sinceit happened. Thank you for helping me get through it better.
  • Jen
    I really liked this peom. It's sad but it can happen. I was raped when I was 15 years old and I still dont trust anyone.
  • Jena
    This is such a touching poem! It explains exactly how I felt when this happened to me. I have writen many poems like this, and I give you propz!
  • Zenobia
    It's sad to read something that's so true. Some might not know how it feels to be raped but by reading "Lost Wanderer" you can get a picture of what it feels like. This is the best poem i have ever read. I just hope all the girls out there get the message of how it feels to be raped and try to be more careful in the future.
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