Everyone has their own different interpretations of each poem. So, I'm not going to tell you how you're supposed to grasp it, but rather explain why I wrote it.

My mother is extremely special to me and I love her more than words could explain. She's protected me, listened to me, never judged me, or tried to choose for me. She's always been there right behind me. If I fell she would catch me and hold me. She wouldn't let go till I was sure I wanted to try it again. I can't remember a time when she wasn't there for me and I doubt I ever will.

My mother, my best friend, my angel, my world - it's her who sheds love, laughter, and endless happiness to my life.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

Right when I was born
the lord sent me an angel.
An angel to protect me,
An angel to watch over and love me.

I always sought advise from her
all throughout the years.
I depended on her every thought.
And it was always her
who wiped away my tears.
She taught me many things -
"To always speak from the heart".
She always showed she loved and cared,
It her to always understand.
She never intentionally hurt me,
and for that
she has all my love.
She's the angel -
The angel sent from high above.

She knows most of my secrets,
right down to my first kiss.
She knows my length of patience
and still she always forgives.
All she has to do is look at me,
and deep down within my soul
she'd see
If I was hurt, scared, or happy.
She knows all the sides to me.

She was the one who carried me through
those nine painful months.
The one who made me the lady I am
And the woman I'll become.
God must have had a really good day,
when he sent you here for me.
Of all the angels in heaven,
You were meant for me.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Natasha
    This is a nice poem, it reminds me of the angels in my life which are my mother and grandmothers.
  • sharkeria
    this poem reminds me of the friendship me and my cousin have
  • Jess
    I loved it
  • Laura
  • sarah
    it was an excellent poem. i love and believe in angels That poem touched my heart
  • annie
    this poem has touched my heart in such a way that it cannot be expressed with words. thw writer has a talent. god has blessed her. i hope she uses her potential to the fullest
  • Berenice
    I loved it! It's pretty thoughtful.
  • Angel
    i loved your poem cause it reminded me so much of me and my life with my friends
  • Theresa
    Thank you for all your comments. I wrote this poem 6 years ago and still feel exactly the same, if not more, for my mother. I happy that all of you were able to relate. Thanks again. -Theresa Gomes (Rodriguez)
  • Qubra
    hei Theresa,i read your poem God knows how i felt in ma heart. Coz in ma life i have an Angel and by the moment i read this poem i sent it to ma angel. Coz i love her and she has done many things for me in ma life. I love this poem thats why am adding this comment. This poem brings in passion in all angels in the world not only there tender love but they are really angels. all from Qubra Saleh
  • belinda
    so very true for alot of us. straight from the heart
  • andrea
    i loved this poem because it reminds me of my mom alot she is my angel
  • Rhonda
    I am always looking for family poems to share with my wonderful sons and their wives and children ,and also my nefue . this one is just perfect for my daughterinlaws . I am now looking for a poem that will show how much family matters to someone . Thanks for your poems , I will continue to come back to this website. God Bless you and your work here. Rhonda
  • octavia
    it was nice
  • monica
    this poem is amazingly touching you have beutifull touths
  • Josh
    You dont really have to believe in angels to believe this poem. But it will be easier to understand and if you really do believe in angels than you will know that there really are angels out there, wathcing over you.
  • wendy
    I was adopted 55 years ago, and in a month will meet my brothers and sisters for the first time. I always thought of my birth mother as I was growing up, knowing how much she had to love me to let me go. Your poem described exactly how I felt about her. She was my angel. thank you Theresa
  • Cindy
    This poem left nothing to be spared for all the love, honor and tears a mother has to bear. For a youth to truly understand this is beyond their years, God does have an angel on their shoulder and God bless her for being able to recognize the strengths not only in her MOM but in HERSELF as well! GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD . . .
  • Susie
    I think that poem was a good inspiration to me. It explains how I truly feel about my mother. Keep writing poems Theresa, your really good.
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