People's lives are made up of many events that change and determine who a person will become. Everyone deserves to be noted for who they are and what they did. This is a piece of me, and who I am.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life

I Am Someone
I am someone
I walked past a dead face
even though the person was alive
I saw my eyes in the mirror
and cried at the sight
I looked at a person I didnšt know
and I met a friend
I got heads to turn
when I walked past
I learned a lot about myself
when I lost a new friend
I cried every tear in my body
when I thought about love
I got hit bad
then got back in the ring
I climbed a mountain of rocks
and saw an eagle fly over- head
I heard terrible things about myself
when no one thought I was listening
I realized I was strong
when I didnšt cry when it hurt
I found out who I was
when I was with someone else
I thought I was lost forever
when a friend found me
I held a life in my hand
and it was my own
I was a pawn in someone else's game
so I surrendered to a brook
I walked the fine line between surviving
and not wanting to survive
I still am
I am someone

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • lorraine
    wow. what a nice poem. it touched me so much. actually, i love it
  • Victoria
    This poem really had an effect on me. I also write poems as well.
  • Sofia
    that poem was really nice.
  • Shanavia
    Hey this was amazing and everybody is somebody don't never put ur self down. But this peom will touch someone if they are depress and going through something well i know it touch me but u can realy touch people by ur wonderful peom!
  • rose
    I loved this poem it was won of my favorites!
  • Denise
    You in spire me!
  • Denise
    I so Loved your poem. It really toached me. I don't know how to explain it but your poem toached me. Your poem rocks.
  • Matsobane
    Firstly receive my most hadfield greeting. i really appreciate n honour your poetry. it inpires me in a way that i get strengthened,strong n devoted. i am also a poet. when i read your poems i do feel like there is someone who i am talking to or someone who talks to me. sometimes is more my feeling. keep up the good work,i hope n believe that you will succeed in what ever you excel best. also keep up reviving others emotoinally n so forth.
  • dimashi
    Its nice to know some one else feels exactly the way I do now. its so easy to let go but surviving all is the act of courage
  • mot
  • amy
    Your Poem is insperational it gives people a sense of. whats the word. Confidence. Awesome poem!
  • muskaan
    i just loved this poem. i wanted to ask the author if i could use it in my website?i shall definitely acknowledge the poets name. plz plz. the poem is wonderful!
  • jeraldine
    i really like that poem i could relate to it
  • jess
    i found this site in my religion class looking for poems. iv been coming on this site for a couple of days now reading about everyone and their feelings but not one realli captured how i feel except this 1. this is everything iv been tryin 2 say and u hav summed it all up perfectly thankyou so much for writing this and sharing with every1 how u feel its good to know that im not alone in what i feel
  • Amrita
    Something i felt inside me when i read this poem ;i felt someone saying me to stand and face the life as it comes to me.
  • Choya
    This brought tears to my eyes, i also write poems
  • sunny
    oh my god that poem really talked to me its the best poems ive ever read thats how i feel every day of the week. you made me cry im so glad that there is someone else out there that feels the same way i do.
  • mira
    i dont know much english but im going to try my best for you to understand. in my whole life nothing really good happend to me for some point every littel and big problems come into my life i find it easy to fix thats because i thought i had faithfull friends and true love to help me with it and i lived my life in a lie believe they are true or they do care . but from month i find out that they arent faithfull and his not even a littel bit true so i was really hurt i didnt find a reason to get up in the morning and i couldn't face them so one day i was searching to be gide and i found your poems and i thought you are right thsi isnt the end of the world i can be better from them i dont need them so now im stronger to face them with the truth and that is i know everything and they can go to hell after 7 years of liying so thank you for beying my angel.
  • Esmeralda
    i love how she expressd herself. I loved how she said what she thought and felt.
  • joana
    i liked this poem very much. i like to write poems too, and i couldn't have done it better. this poem mostly describes how i am and also its kind of like allmy poems that i make. i loved it, it was great.
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