I wrote this during my first year at college while I was four hours away, and began to realize how great moms really are.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

When I was little and I cried
You lovingly held me, and let the last tear fall,
When I would scrape my knee
You'd bandage it up and say "be careful".
When my birthday was horrible, you smiled
And promised the next would be perfect.
When I would lose my temper,
You had a way to calm me down.
When my friends left me behind,
You gave me ice cream and said
"they'll come around"
When I had a nightmare
You'd tuck me in your bed and
Reassured me you'd never let harm find me.
When my 7th grade crush liked another,
You made me see it was his loss.
When it was my sweet 16
You threw me a party fit for a princess.
And made it a day I would always remember.
When the love of my life left me alone,
So sweetly you said, "This too shall pass."
When I broke your heart with disappointment
You came to me and said, "I still love you".
I know that you think that I forgot all this,
And take all you sacrificed for granted,
But that's just not true.
At times I'm stubborn, as well as you,
But never doubt for half a second that
I love you.
Although I am growing up and someday soon,
I'll have to bandage my own knee,
You'll always be the bet mother.
And I'll always be your little girl.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • alicia
    the poem is cool so cool
  • amanda
    Recently my mother and I haven't been getting along, and I read this poem, and I actually started to cry. It made me realize, even with all that we have gone through, we will always love each other.
  • salma
    nice poem
  • jat
    one of the poems i liked most,congrats! I LOVE IT YOU DID IT WELL.
  • Amy
    Oh my God! I really love this poem I even did a retold to it! Its so good! Ill give you your props!
  • lozz
    i loved it it me cry coz i never had a mum when i was growing up
  • shirley
    it was so good i liked it a lot!
  • Ong
    I am a freshman college, married and only see my mother once a year, i cry when i read this poem. i love it so much. it touch my heart.
  • natasha
    I thought it was great it even made me cry because reminded me how much i care about my and that know matter what i will always be her little girl great job Nicole always Natasha McCullough
  • annacelia
    your poem is sooo beautiful. the way your mother cared for you, the way she loves you and you love her. i never had a mother like that, but my mother now is great but she didn't know me until i was 16 so she may love me now but your poem made me feel like this is how all mothers need to be with their daughters unfortuneately their not.
  • Danielle
    i would like 2 vote for your poem i was very touched by it cause me and my mum have had a lil ups and down and this poem says it all well i really did like this poem xxxxx
  • Robyn
    i loved ur poem, my mom died of cancer on my 16th birthday this september it made me cry because moms are amazing and i wont have 1 to be there the rest of my life
  • anna
    wow , i cant belive how beautiful that poem is. i feel exactly the same way about my mom. thank you so much for writing that poem about moms. it really touched me. thank again
  • Cia
    this poem is so special to me it touched me so much
  • bailey
    i think this poems is really great thanks for putting it here!
  • megan
    i loved this poem! it touched me because i can relate to it me and my mom are just the same i love her so much and remember all these things
  • tanka
    it was quit touching
  • Josie
    I really liked this poem it was really sweet and it came from the heart! :)
  • mandy
    this touched my heart because my mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer and they cannot do a thing for her and i wish now that i am grown i could do for her what she did for me growing up.
  • nicole
    heya, i think that your poem is beautiful i am sat in tears writing this because it makes me feel so much, you see me and my mum fight and fall out alot but i am stubborn and so is she but shes always right . and so are you. everything you said in your poem was too true . well done it made me realise not to take my mum for granted! :o)
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