This is a poem that is a representation of people and their fears and thoughts. When we as people get uncomfortable or scared we have a tendency to run. This is what my poem represents.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life

The moon has risen the sun has gone,
The fairies come out one by one.
The stars light their way through the weary night.
They must get prepared for their untimely flight.
The winter has come much too soon.
They must flee this night, by the light of the moon.

The days are cold, the nights just as bad.
The fairies have lost what they once had.
The warmth of the sun, the breeze of the night,
Now they are desperate, fleeing by flight.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • chahat
    i really liked this poem a lot . i wish i had a fairy who would stay in my room with me . both of us would together go to school everyday.
  • Rajan
    I like the fairies.
  • Julieann
    Hi April,I really enjoyed your poem. Great job,on writing about fairies. I love fairies,Also I write poems about them to. You are very talented,keep up the fantastic writing. loved it. Julieann
  • karen
    hey, i love your poem its so awsome. most ppl think your carzy for believing in fairies,but dont care. you poem tells me there are ppl out there who do believe!:)
  • angeline
    i love your poem. it's cute.
  • Kate
    The poem was good. but. faeries are not as dainty and sweet as made out to be. Dont let the glitter of things blind you. _The faerie
  • dogs
    I just love fairies! They're so pretty. I love them and these poems are so cool.
  • elizabeth
    i love it! i belive in farries and most ppl dont and they think im crazy! but i looove this poem it makes me feel like there is someone else out there!:)
  • Amelia
    I love this poem it is like so beautiful. Fairies rock too. And so does this poem! ^_^
  • Gloria
    This is a wonderful verse. I can almost see the fairies when I close my eyes! Beautiful!
  • amrit
    hi, this is a very nice poem, i really like it because my lover name poonam is related the subject of the title moon. thanks
  • Tamara
    This is a really nice poem i love fairies and i have two tatoos of them so if u please have any more of those poems about them email them please.
  • Shasta
    I love this poem b/c when I feel like I wanna fly away I just wish I was a fairy. Fairies are my inspiration.
  • Rhiannon
    i think fairies are the most interesting thing and i loved the poem it is so good i wud like to hear more about fairies
  • stef
    your peom was so nice. i was picturing it the whole time in my head. and it flowed well; how you wrote it. good job!
  • Frankie
    april- that was truly incredible! Fairies are such magical little beings and I'm very glad you had written a poem of them! you are awesome! Keep up the good work!
  • priscilla
  • Mariela
    I really really love this poem. It makes me think in fairies they are real! i'm sure that someday one fairy will make my dreams come true.
  • Penny
    Very beautful, some things must be belived in order to see
  • Laura
    This poem is great im using it in school for my graphics project and puttin it in my book project.
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