I wrote this poem because my sisters, once again, hurt me. I'm a little more sensitive then they, but they don't realize what they say hurts me. I think they should be a little more kind and appreciate their baby sister. Sometimes a kid feels that they need to be perfect in order to live up to their siblings expectations.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Family Poems

Why is it that sisters tease?
Can you tell me please?
They always make me cry
with one mean lie.
Why is it me,
They don't like to see?
All I did was love you!
Do you have no respect?
Or is it 'cause you have
to be perfect?

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • ambaa
    this poem is sooo true!
  • jovie
    wow. ur poem really makes me cry. it reminds me of my late sister,we never really get along. we always treat each other bad. until she died!and it really hurt me coz i havent got a chance to say how sorry i am!i was not even there on her funeral!
  • ETA
    it has always puzzled me too,why we the younger are always bullied and teased yet all we did was love. it is brief but says it all. great work.
  • jada
    that was beatiful and what you said about sisters is true i was touched love and peace
  • jaquetta
    i like this peom cuz it minds me of my two sisters how we really not there for each other like we suppoose to b makin funny of each other than bin there for each other so this tells me to b with my sisters often
  • katymarie
    i really like this poem it reminds me of me and my brothers when they used to pick on me.
  • Tierra
    this is a true poem and really like it.
  • chyetha
    this is very good poem my feeling are the same as your poem cause im the sis in my family! so this is very good poem
  • alexandra
    it is so true my sis treats me like im not even alive
  • Brittany
    Being the baby isnt as hard as everyone thinks, they are the ones who tell lies and steal from their older sisters!
  • katie
    this peom reminds me of my sis and i. we dont always see eye to eye when it comes to being prefect for our rents!
  • Bobbie
    I have a sister who is a year older than me and what upsets me is she acts like she is helpless . This poem when I read it was everything true. I love my sister
  • connie
    This poem really touched my heart, because I'm the baby of 10 chikdren and I have the different father. Can you imagine how I've been treated?
  • Brown
    I really likethe sisters poem because everything that was in that poem was everything I used to feel about me and my sister I thought it was a compation between. I used to feel like me and my sister were never have a relationship with her but now I'm working on it real hard. Every good poem. Sovanna!
  • Danielle
    I liked the poem you wrote it reminds me of my twin sister. She say's some words she dont remember and that hurts me and it would take her about 5minutes to say she's sorry about what she'll say that hurts me. but yea that is a really nice poem you wrote.
  • rosie
    i love these poems
  • nekosha
    that was the best i;ve herd before i loved please oh please write more but i know how you fill
  • Liz
    This touched my heart , for I too am the baby in my family
  • Eseta
    It's a true thing what this poem is about. Because that's exactly what my sister did 2 me when I was young. But now I'm older, my sister and I both think about back in the days when she use to tell the most littlest lie to my mother and i get yelled at. i love this poem
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