I wrote this poem after hearing the tragic story of a local man who decided to drive while drinking, only to end up taking the life of his wife in a horrific accident. After hearing this story I couldn't help but wonder how the man felt. What his life must be like, knowing that his ignorance was to blame for a life being cut short. How he must have felt, having to carry such a heavy burden.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Poems on Society

Imprisoned By Guilt
I can't seem to find the words
to say just how I feel
The pain is ever growing
since they put you on that hill

I stop by to say I miss you
almost every day
I pray that God above will soon
take this hurt away

I can still see you lying there
among that crumpled heap
I wish that I could close my eyes
and this memory delete

It haunts me every waking hour
and in every wink of sleep
Ever losing grip on sanity
no longer mine to keep

I would give most anything
if I could rewrite history
Cause in my heart I know that you
should be here instead of me

In my cell, my private Hell
locked inside my head
If I hadn't had too much to drink
then you would not be dead

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • mis
    This poem really touched my heart because not to long ago I shared a similar experience and I feel imprisoned as well Good Job on the poem
  • Taffy
    Wow, what a powerful poem, it felt so realistic.
  • mike
    omg this is sooo cute,,, and sad,,, i really like it.
  • Cristine
  • Shirley
    Great poem, I had a sister-in-law killed by a drunk driver in a head on collision, her son survived but not without physical and mental scaring. It only take one time to ruin your life and that of many others. Thanks for the words of wisdom in this poem.
  • Amanda
  • Tatiana
    an awesome poem!
  • caesar
    it was good!
  • Emma
    Just shows you that one don't have to go to prison to be in prison.
  • hockey rules
    This peom is very good. It made me feel very sad, the way the writer wrote it made the reader feel some of their pain.
  • Savannah
    I thought this poem was touching because it expressed the true guilt someone would feel if they had lived and someone they loved had died due to their choice. It really spoke to me. Exellent!
  • camille
    Imprisoned by guilt was extremely touching. i came across this poem while searching for texts about guilt for a yr 12 english assignment. i used this poem because guilt its one of the most destructive of human emotions and is clearly evident in this poem.
  • kez
    ohmigod this is so touching i am 15 and my uncle asked me to drive because he was drunk but i killed my uncle and i should be gone instead it is also wat i do everyday
  • REVJames
    great job,
  • lisa
    im so sorry
  • MarkB
    This poem touched me deeply, not only because of it's realistic appeal, but also because of the way it was written.
  • len
    its really good,
  • Deanna
    Thank you for this look inside of the mind of this man. All too often we overlook the burdens that even the person who chose to drink and drive carry, but your words are probably the closest thing that we can ever hope for without truly experiencing the tragedy first hand.
  • Bonni
    Excellent poem. Very touching.
  • emerson
    I have narrowly escaped the subject matter of this poem.
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