This writing is about how I grew up to be me. How the city of L.A. changed my senses, my abilities to interact and my worth. How I began to feel the deep need of companionship and love that seemed to be lost. It is how I lived in my youth, and how it affected me later in life.

After all, the ghosts we keep are useful from time to time.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life

Let It Fall
One more anti-hero worship
from the depths
of some enigmatic fool
that left the suburbs
for the open fields
of post modern flight from hell.
No, not from the quakes
or the rumblings of racism,
that stench we all tend
to want to get rid of,
but the fact that there
were just too many things wrong.
So off I went to the last
journey of my youth,
through the pubs and alleys
of Los Angeles that served
many nights of reckless talk
and the establishment be damned.
There goes Happy House, Scream
and all those open up at 10 pm
party houses, where you paid 5 bucks
to drink yourself to life,
and walk out Saturday morning at 6 am
like the kind demons we were.
And dance the pain that we had
kept for the week
and wonder what 30 would be like
and if the Virgin Prunes
were right about
"If I die I die".
But then, that love in your soul
the one that makes you write
and pour out those false indignities
that caress your heart and mind
for after all we've been through
stars have their moments and then they die.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
    This poem here really made me think of a whole lot. And it brung tears into my eyes when i read it. Just to let you know this is a very good poem to read.
  • ALE
    i love this peom its what i go through and do goingt o gigs and parties and just wasting life .
  • Kim
    That is extremely awsome, keep up the great work!
  • beverly
    i love your poem and love to get tips how you got this peom together so sweetly and it flows like blue clear river in the quiet woodlands of cornwall.
  • Catie
    Wow this poem was really good it touched me and it is telling the truth about alot of things
  • LaRochelle
    i know what you mean
  • arika
    i think this poem has a really great vocabuluary and is really good
  • farhana
    i quite like it!
  • kurt
    awesome poem dude. you have talent
  • Nancy
    I think the poem you wrote actually declares what life really is. Almost routine. As if we don't expect anything. Everything stays the same. I can't say that that's what it's partially about because you wrote it, and you're the only one who can comprehend it. But if people do understand it, if people can relate to it, then it's such a beautiful thing.
  • Jesika
    Can't say enough about this one. Totally amazing.
  • Josh
    i really like this poem. it is probably one of the few that actually relate to the stuff going on in my life right now.
  • Billy
    dude i love your poem it kicks keep it up
  • Cheryl
    Michael Although I am not a real fan of free verse, I feel you did an excellent job with your poem. I was there with you, you have some powerful visualizations. It was like a journey that I had the privilege of taking with you. So even though free verse is not my favorite, this poem is worth the read. Keep up the good work. You have talent.
  • justin
    this poem is the best poem that i have ever read
  • kayla
    good poem
  • Sera
    reading your poem leaves me with a sense that busy is dancing with futility, which turns into a reconciled peacefulness at the end. i am left with the feeling that 'this too shall pass'.
  • Laila
    This was one of my favotites. I felt this one. Had enogh details to give a good picture.i knew what was going on.but also left some to the imagination.SO Awesome!
  • barbi
    we allcome from different places yet we are all so alike this poem is all of us one time in life.i like it.ty for sharing.
  • angel
    This one is great.
  • Kysha
    I really appreciated your view on life. I really understand that there is way too much ignorance in the world.
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