I was watching TV and was inspired by the homeless people in our country. A country that is blessed with so much that we take for granted. It is time that we love one another and help a bother or sister out with what we have been given.

This was written for all the homeless people, the burden on my heart, to make a change and a difference through love!

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Poems on Society

Entertain Angels Unaware
I lie awake cold and alone,
No place to call my home,

Upon the night,
Darkness is my light,

Everywhere I roam,
To find a place to sleep,

With no shoes upon my feet,
No material things do I keep,

The ground is cold,
My stomach is empty,
As I see people who have plenty.

No one cares for me,
For I am homeless you see,

I have had a hard life,
It started the day I lost my wife,

I don't want sorrow or pity,
Just some love and care,

Maybe some shampoo to wash my hair.
People pass me by,

Without a tear in their eye,
Never giving a hand,

What If I was an angel?
Sent from God above.

To test man of,
His brotherly love?

You will never know,
If you never give true brotherly love,

For we entertain angels unaware,
Never knowing the true spirit hidden there,

This poem is given,
To you as a lesson,

Whenever passing someone in need,
Let go of the greed,

Stop and heed to your heart,
To the call your heart has be given,

Help those in need,
While you are living,

And you will entertain angels unaware!

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Mis
  • Robert
    This is very good. It well done, and I like it. Bobby
  • sandra
    when I read this poem I felt a deep compassion as I was once homeless myself alot of love care and thought has gone into this poem Ipray that god will use your poem in a big way god bless you and keep you sandra ps I have written a poem called the bag lady for the homeless people
  • eileen
    I sent you a long comment on this poem, its wonderful!
  • jasmin
    it was brill get on!1
  • Margaret
    This poem touched my heart. It made me realize that I need to help people. I also learned that just because their homeless dosnt mean there not people. I hope you write more insparational poems so people help out. Thank You
  • Ken
    This is a great mind thinker how many people really ever lend a hand out or even notice Great Job
  • Alec
    Give's you pause for thought ? An insight to proper life, made me sit and think how to help even just alittle bit.
  • sheila
    what a wonderful, caring poem,i wish more people would feel that way, the world would be a better place, god love the homeless, and thanks for a moving beautifuil poem.
  • Amber
    i believe that people have forgoten that people are out there not to have things that people have such as food, cloth, and other things and i get sad to hear that or see that
  • Aanisah
    It was a good poem keep more cameing
  • Catherina
    I liked your poem alot Possitive awarness is a great thing to have and to keep especially in a confusing place like earth
  • Nellie
    I believe we have become hardened to the sufferings of others. As this poem showed, we don't know the reasons, and if we had to bear their burdens we might well be even worse off. Thank you for this reminder. Be blessed!
  • Lisette
    love this poem. it's beautiful and inspiring.
  • steve
    Thank you for having a Heart. It was fantastic. These people truley have no home, no food, holes in their shoes. I am ashamed that I have a home as comfortable as I do, and they have nothing. Something is very wrong in our land, and your Poem points it out quite well. We have become a Money Worshiping Nation, and it's very sad.
  • Tiffany
    That was such a beautiful poem. If everyone in the world would go by that the world would be a better place. This poem has inspired me to go out in the wolrd and do something and have others come with me. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS
  • Judy
    I think the poem is very true each day we entertain an angel unaware without knowing it. If we help everyone in need this world would be a better place. you never know someday down the road you might need help and look for somone with a lending hand. and what u do for others will someday come back to you. i really enjoyed reading the poem.
  • Nice
    This one is a beauty !
  • Nic
    I really liked this poem. It makes ignorant people look at it in a new light. But if they really don't care, then they will go on not caring. This poem was a good inspirational poem.
  • Ariel
    way to go, it's really a good poem. it opens most of the peoples eyes once they reflect on it. and this people acn may a difference and make other peoples life easier.
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