The past present itself as visions and images found in long corridors of time. The human mind perceives the past and tries to make a meaning out of it.

Memories may be good or bad, but to make most of the past, one has to probably look at the mistakes committed, and to keep oneself cheerful, often look at the happy days, taking screenshots of the better glimpses that the past presents.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life

Was walking down memory lane,
Was walking on the beach,
Throttling the feelings of pain,
Keeping doubts out of reach.

Had a look at the sands of time
The hours when time itself stood still,
Could hear distant bells chime,
And I was walking while I still stood still.

Felt the heat of the sun beating,
Could sense an awe that the past left,
Saw the sheath of life fleeting,
Glimpses of what was there were best.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • lasabre
  • Julia
    This poem was really nice. I like the descriptions it made me feel like I was the character in the poem. I love it!
  • dasha
    very good job
  • Deepa
    Sudhir your poem is simple yet beautifully worded,I loved reading it ! Good work! Deepa
  • Chrishaun
    This poem is really nice and I really liked it
  • Nikki
    good poem i loved it
  • cinnamon
    i'm spanish and i write poetry to but i thought your poem was very deep and i think you should keep on sending your poetry to this web site.
  • cyndel
    that poem memory is a really great poem. it touched me in a way that a poem has never touched me. i felt as if i was the character of the poem the one walking on the beach. and hearing bell chimes. good job
  • Roopa
    So Succinct yet so expressive !Keep it up ! :-)
  • Allie
  • Harish
    Loved to read this beautiful poem
  • Josh
    i think this poem was wonderful. i would read it more than once. good job sudhir.
  • jenavie
    you wrote such a great poem there i just wanted to say i like your poem. good job
  • ansar
    I really liked this poem called memory and peopl by people, well done Iyer, I cannot have a word for it because its beautiful and inspired me. thank you.
  • Aimee
    I really likes your poem. It brought back alot of emotion from the past, as my parents split up about a year ago and now my mother wants absolutely nothing to do with me. It helped me realise alot in my head.
  • wufei
    this poem is the best
  • Julia
    This poem was very sweet and it makes me think of my past times.
  • Mary
    I really like how the author gave lots of specific details.
  • Amy
    I like your poem Memories because I lost my mother and when I read this peom it made me think of her. I miss her a lot when she been gone for a while but I can't get over that she is gone and not with me anymore.
  • Debra
    Well this poem is really a great poem cause it's really helps me to relax and think about my grandmother. Just two weeks ago was two years since her death. I could just sit and think about her. You really know how to express yourself.
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