This March, a dear friend returned to her overseas university after spending a 3-month vacation here. I may never know how painfully sad she was feeling - perhaps an indescribable turmoil of feelings, or just a singularly strong emotion of anguish and despair. I may never know - so in this poem, I try to see through her eyes and soul, and perhaps, gain a different insight into leaving.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life

On a day like today,
a young lady arrived
at the airport,
with family
and friends.

Her heart was heavy,
and she was sad.
For she knew the time
has come to leave
this Heaven and
return to the
far lonely

Unsettling feeling
in her heart,
a kind of longing
to stay back forever.
A kind of familiar loneliness
that she was acquainted with,
comes to her again.

And she sighed,
wistfully, forlornly,
hoping again hope,
to stay in this limbo
of joy and

'Oh no, I'm leaving again',
she murmured,
hot tears threatening
to well in her eyes.

Bravely, she forced
a smile at her
loved ones.
Without much of
a second look,
she bid them

In the plane,
the girl sat,
with eyes closed,
reliving those
and fond
she left behind,

and those sweet voices
and carefree laughter
that accompanied
every single image
that went fleeting pass.

a faint smile ghosted at her mouth.

'I'll see them again soon.
Take care, my loved ones,
I'll be back.'

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Naeem
    Just Awesome
  • aka fat boy
    it really touched me . ;(
  • nilda
    Simple and pretty, I love your poem! thx for sharing
  • raechelle
    This is a good pome, When i read it i was amazed people have talent and your good at it
  • sael
    the poem was really great. i have faced a similar situation.
  • marie
    I loved this poem. I have friends and family overseas, and this is exactly how I feel. I never had the words to express how I felt, except that I was so sad when I left. I love this poem, great job!
  • TJ
    This poem really helped me alot, I just left my job for a better one and i was so sad to leave my co-workers. This poem just shows me to look at the positive that i will see them again one day. Thank You for writing.
  • Amrita
    It touches my heart and i just want to say life is coming and going but between that we learn lot of things and live thousands of life.
  • Diana
    Oh GOd this is so real n very true u made me cry this happned wen i left India n came to Kuwait same thing was exprienced by me thanks beautifully written very good!
  • ranjith
    hiii. poem was really touching. had a nice deeep thought. or did the poet have personal expernece. ranjith. !
  • Rochelle
    this poem hurts me sooooo much inside because thinkin of it reminds me of my love one whom past ago 5 years ago. And this poem is the best i ever heard before.
  • angelica
    i loved it! its great!
  • Stephanie
    This is what I go through every time I deploy or return to my unit from leave. perfect for us female soldiers
  • Kara
    I think that this a lovely poem. I'm moving to Nevada soon and this is exactly how I feel!
  • Wiseman
    What a poem, it really touched me. Good work
  • Lucy
    As an officer on a cruise ship who leaves home and family on a regular basis, i can appreciate this poem. Thank You
  • Jo
    An old boyfriend/old goodfriend is getting married. It's weird to know a part of my teen years is gone. no turning back, and though the memories bring smiles to my face, they bring tears also because I can never go back and re-live them.
  • Alex
    I really liked this poem! I liked how things were first bad, but then the girl thought positively about the whole experience. It was a great poem!
  • Kim
    10 out of 10, i resently got to spend a couple of days with my eldest sister, whom I had not seen in 12 years, when she had to go home to the other side of australia I was worried how she was to cope with leaving all of us again. Your poem was perfect! thankyou
  • Ashley
    I love this poem because the same thing is happening to me!
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