As a volunteer firefighter in my own community I was deeply shocked at how many Firefighters were missing. I dedicate this poem for the firefighters who have participated in the World Trade Center Disaster and I give great sympathy to all who have lost their life.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Attack on America Poems

A Fireman's Duty
A Fireman's Duty,
Is to be there when some one's life is in danger.
A Fireman's Duty,
Is to go in that burning building when
no one else will.
He is to cherish and respect what he does.
He is to think before he reacts.
A Fireman's Duty,
Is to put that fire out so it doesn't
cause another family to cry.
A Fireman's Duty is to care and to
A Fireman's Duty,
Is to come home to a job well done.

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  • EARL
  • Ryan
    Being in the fire service and having lost a brother firefighter this hit home. There are so many people who scold us for what we do. If they only realized that this is a selfless job and all we really ask for is a simple Thank You. NFD Proud Neosho, Missouri
  • Aaron
    Great poem! Im a fire fighter and it is great to know people care!
  • Daniel
    Coming from a firefighter this is a very good poem. this is truely our duty and i live it every day of the week. we will always remember those brave ones who put their lives on the line that tragic day they are deeply missed yet greatly appreciated!
  • Renate
    The poem is so heart touching for me because my father was an firefighter and died during his duty on May 7th 2000 I thank again for the poem it is faannsitiicc! I looovvve iiit!
  • sandy
    My grandson recently graduated from high school and wants to be a fireman - he will need a four year degree to apply for this position in his city. I am placing this beautiful poem in the scrapbook I am putting together for him. Thank-you for your simple eloquent words.
  • robin
    wow, this is really great, my aunt dixie died on the job and she was a fire chick
  • Jordan
    I think that your poem really showed that firefighter's are people who really love what they do. I'm glad to know that there are peopl out there that appriciate what we do because a lot of times we aren't recognized for our honorable actions
  • Stephanie
    Really a wonderful poem. But i want to be a firefighter when i grow up and u only wrote about FireMAN and i'm a girl.
  • Stephanie
    THis poem touched my heart because when i grow up i really want to be a fire fighter. Im 13 years old and this poem makes me want to be a fire fighter more then i did before.
  • Heather
    My man is just now graduating from FFD Academy and he has worked so hard to get where he is today. He has such a huge heart and this poem fits the description of what I think his time will be like as a fireman. For everyone else who is in this career. GREAT JOB YOU make a HUGE Diference in this world. Thank You.
  • mike
    this is a good poem that describes what firemen do. i am a probie (newbe) in my department and it say alot of what we do. thanks for this. keep up the good work.
  • bry-anna
    I think your poem is very good my stepdad, mom, and boyfriend are on the buffalo voluteer fire department in texas and it would touch them
  • Erica
    It made me think how hard a Firemen has to work,to save are world
  • jackie
    i loved it my step dad is a firefighter he alos saved a live it a horible fire too i give it a a++++ thanks for a wonder full poem u sould make anoter just like it
  • Janice
    It's a really touching poem because its the truth and I just get emotional about nine eleven. Keep up the good writing
  • Anthony
    As a firefighter, these are the things I hold very dear in my Heart, and its nice to know,that there are people out there that think about us, and pray for us, thank you so very much MGFD Mtn. Grove Missouri
  • penny
    the poem was tight and right to the point
  • Gail
    I really enjoyed this poem. It is true of all the Firemen all over the USA. GOD BLESS THAM ALL!
  • Tyler
    I think this poem is very respectfull to all the fireman who read it. No one realizes just how omportant fireman really are. Some people think that fireman only put out fires. I am a cadet on the Rib Lake Fire Department. And am going to school next year for full time firefighting
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