Publicized around the world, we all watched in horror. The ones that did this may have felt glorified. They may have even gloated. I am proud to say that what I saw rising out of the rubble was far more than anyone expected.

This poem describes what I also saw, aside from the horrific. What I hope they also see coming.

This poem originally was published in Poems on Life - Attack on America Poems

I Pray They See This Too!
I'm sure you watched
As it all crumbled
In deafening rumble
Glorified in the slow
Motion of your strike

But I also hope you saw
Rising in the fog
Of the disbelieving tragedy
People Helping People
No beliefs or boundaries
Holding back the hands
Emerging from a shattered land
Holding each other up

Tears remaining colorless
Blood remaining red
Bonds being made in the dust
In trust of fellow man
As we scream in harmony
Of the pain
Being all the same
Except for you

Be it known
We have called all Captains of Life

We will continue to pray
And feel our way in Navigation
By a much higher power
Than yours that must slay it

Your death sentence has made us stronger
You have colored yourself a failure
I pray you see it coming
And have no where to hide.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Patricia
    A beautiful poem about a very ugly day. I will never forget that beautiful September day and the ugliness that took it away from so many beautiful souls. Thank you for this beautiful work.
  • Aspen
    I loved this poem!
  • Joshua
    wow dude this poem was amazing it brought tears to my eyes. It is very true what was said in your poem I hope you keep writing.
  • stephanie
    I think this poem is beautiful. I also have a poem I'm looking to put on here. This poem touched me very deeply. I cried. My uncle also died in the tragedy. Getting the phone call was the hardest thing I've had to do in my life. He was only 34. I still miss him dearly even though it's been almost three years. It's still very very hard. I can't blieve he died in such a tragic way. My heart will be broke forever. When I saw the towers on the news when I came home from school it felt like a dream. I instanly started to think about my uncle. Waiting for the news was very hard. This poem desrves 10/10. It's very well written. Well done!
  • Annie
    If the test of a great poem is the emotional response of the listener, i want you to know you brought tears to my eyes. thank you.
  • Angel
    I just don't have the words. Seems almost divinely inspired. Well done, and thank you.
  • Jes
    This poem was so inporational or however you spell that poem it was so true and i really truly hope he saw this poem and realized what he did just made us stronger!
  • Estef
    This poem touched my heart. I hope this when others read this poem, it will bring our nation more together.
  • Kara
    I love your poems and I think you have a great way with words.
  • kim
    this is a great poem i really liked it and hope as many people read it as there are people in the usa.
  • Gab
    Awesome poem! Keep up the good work. September 11th was the worst day in a long time for a lot of people. It's good to see that people care enough to write about it! Great work!
  • shelly
    You had a very good idea when you wrote this.It really touched my heart to read this, I wish the world good plans in the future with rebuilding our towers and God Bless everyone and the USA! Love You All!
  • Danielle
    I was looking for the perfect poem to put on my profile about September 11th..And this is it.I love it
  • Richelle
    one word.amazing!
  • Carrie
    A beautifully written, and touching poem. Displays our unity in the world.
  • ashley
    I loved it and it is so right i feel sorry for everyone who died and lost love ones
  • Kittie
    Deep poem, very true, very helpful.. keep those poems coming. Very deep!
  • Dwayne
    I loved your poem. "I found it very moving and touching, It's like pouring chicken soup on my heart and soul"
  • LaShaun
    This poem really touched my heart. This is the best poem I have read about what happened on September 11,2001.
  • Ashley
    Wonderful poem it gave me goosebumps all over, it says it all I know thye have nowhere to hide God Bless America
  • Shorty
    Awesome poem, very moving!
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