It's hard to describe, in just a few paragraphs, a friendship that grew over the course of two years from simple acquaintances to best friends. In spite of our differences, and they were many, we became almost inseparable. Rarely a day went by, and never a week, without spending intensive amounts of time together. Doing things that best friends do.

Angela lived with Charlie during much of that first two years, and I had been seeing Susan exclusively for over three years. No one understood our strange friendship, least of all us. But they accepted, because we gave them no choice. Angela and I were, well, Angela and I. We vowed to never let mere love come between our friendship with each other.

Imagine my horror when I realized I was, slowly and inexorably, falling in love with Angela. That was four years ago. And I think I knew, even then, that though the love each of us felt for others could never hurt us, the love we were finding for each other could only destroy something precious in our friendship.

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Words Are Not Enough
The words "I miss you" can not display
The depths of how I care.

The words "I want you" do not betray
The extent of what I dare.

The words "I need you" can not convey
The extent of my prayer.

The words "I love you" do not portray
The heights of my err.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • mercedez
  • elizabeth
    this is how i feel most of the
  • Michelle
    this is beautiful. i love shorter poems where things are said beautifully and simple. thank you
  • khush
    i appreciate the words there could b nothing more perfect used in such a way wen we want to let our beloved know how much we love n run short of expressions . words really mean how much important these words are i got to kinow through this small poem.
  • Kasie
    I like this poem a lot! Every guy should read it i think because it goes to show guys, that you can't always express your feelings in words~!~
  • Lien
    BEAUTIFUL. A beautiful way to express how someone means, but words can not explain. I can relate.
  • jo
    so simple but so right
  • anita
    This poem is really a touching poem. I had to face a similar kind of situation in which my friend proposed,i replied "dont wait for me". Later on,i said "i accept" but he refused it
  • Dawn
    this is a wonderful poem, it describes so many lives.
  • Navin
    I like this poem so much becaue it really say's what i mean when i say i like someone so much . word's cannot say! it's really nice
  • alyssa
    its as if you are speaking directly about the way my best (guy) friend makes me feel. my jaw dropped in several instances, the emotion put into this poem is breathtaking, i would love to read more! thanks for sharing your talent!
  • patricia
    hey this is a great poem it reminds me of me and my boyfriend Ronnie but all the things listed in the poem he doesn;t know how to understand them.
  • Ashley
    this poem expresses a hint in life that some people just don't get. When we fall in love with some one we love as a friend, its hard to say I love you, In that way. its hard to describe how we feel. because we do not want to mess things up. so you have to keep them to your self. But some times, you know you were ment to be, and you have to try. but you can't, because you know things will never be the same, I've made that mistake way to many times. but i'm not the kind of person who will keep my love to my self. because if we never tell someone we love them, we will never know how they feel about us. And some times, it works out for the best, and some times it doens't. this poem expresses it all. and i can really relate to that.
  • Chell
    I love everything about this poem, even the title. Words are NEVER enough!
    i love your poem and its was almost what i wrote but bifferent keep up the good work
  • Noel
    Thanks alot. this poem helped me when I was away for my girlfriend.. It really helped. Keep up the good work
  • Yolande
    This is so true. Me and my "friend" know each other for 2years now. I had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend. But we had to see each other every single day. Our friendship has grown, and I think we know we love each other.
  • Meg
    A W E S O M E ! ! !
  • Ashley
    This poem really decribes how i feel about this one GUY i have fallen for but he dont know that i like him more than a friend.. sooner or later he will find out that i like him more than a friend . Good POEM!
  • Lazar
    Amazing!! How can such a short poem speak so much depth? I thought it was impossible until I read this poem. This is really one for those that have lost someone they love very much.
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