It started as a quick extra credit assignment from my school, but for some reason, I couldn't forget about it after I handed it in. And so I edited and added more stuff on it to express my thoughts whenever I see that special one who's so close to my heart; in hopes that some of you can sympathize.

I don't know if my poem really conforms to one specific category or genre... I feel it can be a sad poem, but really, it's about the ambiguousness between love and friendship.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

What should I do?
For you,
I would gladly walk a mile,
if that would give me a chance
to see you smile.

I'd call you my friend,
but that's a lie.
You mean more to me,
but I can't explain why.

For you are more precious to me
than all of the world's gold,
but I can't tell you that,
how can I be that bold?

If I spoke what's on my mind,
would you accept me?
Because without you,
I don't know where I'd be.

You seem to be calm,
while I feel absolutely lost.
I would like to be so bold,
but what would its failure cost?

Am I the only one faced with this choice?
Be daring and risk losing you as a friend too?
I can't risk that; I'd rather have that then lose everything.
What should I do?

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  • Mary
    I love it. I am in this exact position right now. I have strong feelings for a friend and I am always thinking "what should I do?" Do I tell him or not?
  • Rhonda
    This poem reminds me of a guy friend/co-worker that I have, that I email all of the time. He is so much fun, I really adore him. He is married and so am I, but I have alot of feelings for him and it hurts that I'll never be able to show him or tell him how much he means to me.
  • Kerri
    This poem is how i feel right now because i am going through alot right now and i am in love with this person and i am so scared that i am never going to have that chance to be with that person and this person knows how i feel and that is not going to change and no one is going to ever find out and everything. I fallin in love with this person and this person means alot to me.
  • Gina
    I am so in love with one of my friends and am in such denial, but once I read this poem, I knew that I have to give it to him. I just hope that he shares the same feelings that are in this poem. It was like the author of it went into my mind and just made all of the confusion into sence. Thumbs up most definately!
  • Cherissa
    This poem is great! This poem gives a sense of what i feel aswell, if only i could tell my lover this? Impossible for me. This poem am sure comes from the heart because i feel what you feel
  • Rob
    i've read through a lot of poems here tonight, but this is the exact match of my feelings for my friend carrie. this poem is perfect.
  • raindrop
    wonderful i wonder, what I shall do too ;/
  • Ryan
    Good One. Fell for my friend when I was really in despair. When there is no help for me, when my heart was broken into pieces and she was there. But now what should I do?
  • Storme
    This really hit me because it's soooo true to a situation I was going through recently but in the end I just bit the bullet & went for it & it turned out he felt the exact same way!
  • William
    It realize touch me by the fact that that's what I been experiencing. Nice poem, very touchy
  • matt
    Great poem i related to it in my own experience when i fell in love with my friend and i cant stop thinking about her
  • jessica
    this poem is what im dealing with right now! i might write it and give it to the person i feel this way about! Its great!
  • lisa
    A beautiful, expressive poem. you brought words to life that evoke a situation I know all too well. It's exactly what I would say to a certain man in my life that I love very much but feel too distant to say anything to. He never lets me get quite close enough, yet my feelings for him will never go away.
  • Jim
    "What should I do?" best summarises my own predicament. Friends for over a year, strange feelings developed over the period unknowingly, but. "What should I do?"
  • Willlow
    I love your poem. It's very touching, and is alot how I feel about someone.
  • Daisy
    heyooooooo, i love this poem. it describes exactly wot im feeeeeeeelin at the momen. t my situations exactly like the ova daisy. cept im a guy. i'd do nefing just to seeeeeeee that special person happy even tho i know that i will be sad doing so. lol i cant beleive im even doing this! :)
  • Sarah
    Hey, I am really in luv w/ one of my best guy friends but. he has been dating my otha best friend for 9 months. She has looked at another guy, kissed a diff. one, and made-out w/ one. I don kno wat to do, Whose side should i go to?? I think they will break up when the guy she has last made out w/ comes home. i don wanna hurt the guy involved cuz he is so madly in luv w/ her. all i can do is cry and think y did she get someone she doesn't deserve. I wish he didn't luv her so much. it would be so much easier then. Or would it. ?
  • lawrence
    When i read this piece i felt a strong sence of emotion from the author. great job
  • Lauren
    That was such an amazing poem! I guess most of can relate to that in some way or another, I know I can.
  • Marty
    Very truthful, beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with the world.
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