When all is quiet but your thoughts are loud, you looking upon the one you love and realize that they are much more then the sum of their parts.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Erotic Poems

I Look Upon Her
I look upon her face lying on my pillow
Lit by the light of my bedroom window
Wrapped within my gently arms
Knowing she will come to no harm

I look upon her hair, soft and fair
Unable to find the words to compare
Answers she has given me in times of pain
That love and hope will visit again

I look upon her lips, moist and red
Giving me life when all was dead
She restored my heart when it was lost
Melting what was covered in frost

I look upon her breasts, firm and strong
Knowing that love could not be wrong
Slowly moving with every breath
Always knowing she was not like the rest

I look upon her hips, round and smooth
Gently touching not daring to move
I fix the sheets with delicate care
But a gentle kiss is all I dare

I look upon her face staring into mine
Filling my body as if it were wine
I close her eyes with gentle kisses
For she has answered all my wishes.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Scott
    this is the way a man looks at a women when he is TRUELY in love.
  • Paul
    This poem is so amazing and true. the way you feel when your so in love.
  • Fran
    So tender. How I wish a man would write such a poem about me.
  • Haley
    Wow, this poem blew me away. It's effects are fantastic. Raven you write such beautiful words, they seem like true angles flying from your heart. and landing in mine. well done!
  • Jeff
    This is a very touching poem, it was done masterfully.
  • Nick
    This peom said everything I never could bring myself to say. A work of art is all that needs to be said
  • dawn
    this poem was so beautiful and tender, a true work of art!
  • Linoluim
    That poem is beautful. My boyfriend gave me a copy of it. to make me feel beautiful and it worked the girl who its about is very lucky
  • Amie
    Oh my God that poem gave me goosebumps! I haven't read anything so beautiful, or something that would give me goosebumps in a LONG time. That is gorgeous
  • Natt
    My boyfriend has a tough time expressing himself to me, and he found this poem, and asked me to read it. he told me this is the best way to express his feelings that he has for me. once i read this,i felt my heart drop. such beauty in words is hardly imaginable. thanks for helping my boyfriend express himself, keep up the good work. you have a wonderful talent and it should not be wasted
  • Kymm
    I loved this poem. I sent it to my girlfriend. When people come into your life & change your heart forever things just seem to stop. When you find someone that can freeze all that & bring warmth back then you know that you have certainly found a special one. Thanks for helping me find just the right words to show that special person how I feel.
  • Laura
    This is the most beautiful poem I have read so far.
  • Lucy
    tenderness speaks volumes - love so much more than words or actions. beautifully written
  • joker
    sorry exchuse my french when i say this.. "A good one mate" 10/10
  • Jim
    Eloquently expressed the exact thoughts for the one I love. I've been there Raven. Thank you!
  • Donnatella
    Poet, this poem is very sweet and I am quite fond of it. You look upon this woman beyond her flesh. You see the 'features' which are not clearly evident. You have respect for her, and I very much admire you for that. Good thoughts, good job.
  • glori
    love is very deep and emotional u express it perfectly
  • Jessica
    the poem was very good i thought it was cool
  • Kenn
    this one reminds me of my wife and how much she means to me
  • sarah
    This is a very beautiful poem. I love it.
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