This is about how an online friend can make you feel so much love. I can hardly explain - but I have experienced it first hand and can let you know it is a wonderful feeling.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems

Dream Lover
She wakes every morning with a smile
on her face.
She felt his love in her sleep.
Dreamed of his embrace.

Although she's never met his body.
His heart she does feel.
Anytime she has loved before.
Has never felt so real.

There is no explanation for it.
Not one has she yet found.
But OMG the feeling she gets when
he is around.

Although it may end tomorrow.
The memory will not fade.
For in her heart a life long friend.
She feels that she has made.

She hopes it last forever.
She prays that they do meet.
She dreams of the day her online love.
sweeps her off her feet.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Muzamal
    it's a fantastic poem nina! feels like my own feelings. it touch my heart thank you so much. i just love it
  • Cathy
    this poem is beautiful and touche me deeply and hopefully someday , it will be real for me.
  • Cassandra
    I loved this poem. Thank you, it's just how I feel about my own online love. Just thanks again. ^. ^
  • Rosebie
    omg its so sweet i loved it Nina , keep it up!
  • Rachael
    This just hit the spot in my heart that I thought didn't exist anymore. It really spoke out to me in a way that I hadn't been spoken to in a long time. Thank you for the inspiration! I give it 5 starsby far!
  • sayo
    omg thats so me i mean i wake up with a smile then rush to the computer but he's never on till later even though i know that i still log on hoping that he'll just pop up lol thanxz i needed a poem like this to remind me i'm not the only one
  • Michele
    I loved your poem. As funny as this may sound i have used it 3 times thus far. I have meant it everytime. I have 2 friends still and hope the 3rd is the one )
  • Daisy
    Nice! this totally relates to me. i met a guy online once, talked for like a whole 2 years almost, but since we cant see each other things seemed to fade away. wishing i can see him one day, i just hope,dream,and pray. nice peom it touched me. thanks.
  • Gigi
    I just wanted to let ya know, I sent this poem to the loveof my life, which I have only so far met online, you jus summed it up for me. GREAT JOB!
  • Ashly
    This is a wonderfull poem it has touched me and my online lover I feel this is a poem just for me! This is truly amazing poem and the writer does have talent I LOVE THIS POEM
  • Ethel
    the poem was beautiful it reminded me of my online love even though I lost him I still have sweet memories of him. thank you for reminding that love does exist online.
  • Paula
    Exactly how i feel about my online love. Ihave never foun the right words till now, thank you
  • Narenzbabe
    Hmmmmm. I'm very amazed Nina, B/c I wrote similar poem to my First one AND only my sweet luv, very similar w/ same concept. And U R poem just brought all the memories back. The first dream I had abt my sweet guy etc . OML i just dun know wht 2 say. Thx 4 sharing & best luck with the upcoming ones(If u have any). (. _. ).
  • Sierra
    Aww loved it.
  • Kandis
    This poem really touched me because its this guy I have chatted with and his personality is speechless. I have seen his pics but I have never seden him in person. Keep writing:)
  • Kristen
    That was beautiful! I love it so much! You're a very good writer. Keep up the good work! :)
  • Lisa
    This poem really made me smile. This was me not all that long ago, lol. I met a wonderful man online a year ago and during the beginning of our relationship, I was exactly like this poem. We are now engaged!
  • Liz
    this peom is really true and good! Good Job!
  • Lisa
    SUPURB! What eles can I say? I'm speechless. it was really REALLY well written
  • Nina
    Wow! Well for one my name is Nina too so I was kinda feeling special about that. And second I met my love of 2 and a half years in a MSN Chat. Anyway, I really like your poem. It put a smile on my face.
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