I wrote this poem for a girl I was in love with. I was in prison at the time and was missing her.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

Dreams, Wishes, and Tears
If dreams were given to a lonely man
and a lonely man's dreams came true,
I'd force myself to sleep all the time
just so I could dream of you

If wishes were given to a lonely man
and I was given just two,
I'd wish for you to always love me
and the other I'd give to you

If my tears could write a love song
I'd write a love song for you,
It would explain just how I feel inside
and how much I love you too

But, dreams are only dreams
and wishes seldom come true,
My tears can't write a love song,
but when they fall, they fall for you

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Joyce
    I love sentimental writings!
  • Jodan
    This poem brought tear to my eyes before I reached the end of it. It was that good. and I barely ever cry. It's so true. I look at it deferently then the creater does. it's a vary good poem
  • karen
    this really touched my heart deeply I LUV YOUR POEM! IT BEUTIFUL
  • Shebzi
    It's very touching. Funny because I was only browsing the web for some poems for school until I read yours. It's sweet.
  • angela
    HEY your poem is so cute and romantic i think it roX!
  • malieka
    i love it
  • tenzin
    this poem is relly relly nice and it touch me a lot. well i m also a lonley boi n i had one gal which i fallen in love with but we never been together. so when i read this poem there is full of tear in my eyes which is very true.
  • baby
    I can tell this poem came from the heart. It almost made me cry. It's hard being without the one u love. hang in there she'll be waiting 4 u when u return.
  • Marlene
    This poem reflects me feelings right now. As iam living this poets reflections
  • Namgay
    To tell the truth. it is really a touching poem for me, as soon as I read this poem , i fell like ,pouring water to once heart as this being really a touching poem. And to author I really appriciate ur poem.
  • amanda
    OMG, I THINK I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU. I love this poem so much, I wish a man would write something so beautiful for me. ---goodluck to the woman who lands, or has landed your heart.
  • DanniLeigh
    I love this poem it really hits home. Have you ever heard of Prisontalk Online? You need to share this with those folks if you havent it would be a wonderful booster. DanniLeigh
  • jennifer
    I really liked this poem, it was very sweet and from the heart.
  • TaWanda
    i like the wording
  • briana
    This poem really touched my heart. That girl is very lucky to have such a thoughtful man love her. This poem was short but sweet. Very touching.
  • Stephanie
    I thought that your poem was very good and very beautfull I loved it so much. ^_^
  • Mark
    This poem just caught me a little off guard one day, sometimes we dont take the time to appreciate the way that others, in situations differing from our own, may feel
  • kristie
    this poem was good and i like it alot.
  • rasool
    that was very nice
  • shatona
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