I wrote this poem as a companion piece to "We're Not In Love". After the relationship had ended with the man that the first poem was about, we became closer than we had ever been. We now enjoy a special kind of friendship that is very rare and comfortable. This piece is about our new relationship as friends.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

Where are you going, where have you been?
My dear, close, and quiet friend,
As we sit in the soft springtime Saturday's end
Taking comfort in each other once again.

Tell me your stories and I'll tell you mine;
And so we will pass a few hours time
With the quaint and the comic and even sublime -
Silently searching for that elusive sign.

We'll fashion the future and polish the past,
Allowing the memories to amass;
While the grains of sand slip through the glass
'Til a tranquil lull pervades at last.

Conversation fades with the eve's golden light,
We cannot go on, try though we might;
So you gather me an embrace so tight,
And we wistfully, longingly say goodnight.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • alicia
    hell yeah that is very good writing
  • crystal
    i love this poem
  • Ernekia
    This poem speaks to my heart very very much. I'm actually in the same situation keep writing. And ur the most awesome love/friendship poem writer ever. THNX for ur unknowingly words of wisdom and help to me.
  • Stacey
    Beautifully illustrated! This poem made me FEEL what the author described.
  • Richard
    I find some of the poems stating my thoughts that I could not find he words for. I enjoy sending these to loved ones and relatives. I Thank YOU for having them here where I can find them. Richard. I'll be 80 on Oct. 15th. See? You get visitors from all ages.
  • jealousy
    a poem with a remarkable thought, a poem that makes you sit and think, wonderfully arranged, a goodly god poem!
  • D.
    Thanks Tina for sharing such a wonderful poem. I have a friend whom recently moved away, and it wasn't until she was about to leave that I realized how much I cared for her. Your poem put to words what I am now feeling my heart.
  • bilan
    this poem is very gentle and sensitive i like it alot
  • Cassie
    I loved your poem. Keep writing. You'll go far in Life with your Forever Friendship, and passed passions. Trust me.
  • Pillar
    I like your poem.
  • Tina
    Simply wonderful!
  • lauren
    this is an exquisitly written poem. It touches a part of my soul that at times I can feel, but is hard to vocalize.
  • Maria
    I like the way the author picking up condition and situation the friendship are usually goes on in, simple but we can get through what her message was.
  • fairon
    I thouroughly enjoyed your poem and how it flowed in rhythm.
  • Smarty
    This poem is great thank you for giving it to the world. The rythem and the words make sense in my mind and I hope that it will continue to touch people as it has touched me.
  • Stacy
    This poem touched me beacuse i know how they feel. to have a friend who you love so much, and sometimes feel as if you are more than just friends.
  • Kortni
    I love it! It was very well writen. I prited it and made copies and gave them to my friends and boyfriend. They also thought it was beutiful. Great Job Tina!:)
  • carissa
    i voted for Company because, it completely described what i did and was feeling last night.
  • Rafiq Mark
    This poem describes precisely what happened with a close friend and I on a Saturday, the day before I found this poem. We felt just what the poem describes. Thank you for saying it in words for us.
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