I love poetry and stories that say a lot with a mere few words.. I can't actually say that I slaved over any of my works however.. they seem to just "POP" into my head! Hopefully I have a pen nearby! Sometimes I can sit and think about a story or poem and write one down accordingly. However.. it seems to flow from me even then.. "Every Night" is indeed sexual. Dreamy perhaps? Depends on the reader.. It is written as a woman talking to her male lover..

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Erotic Poems

Every Night
...I can't wait to attack
I want to drag my nails down your back...

...I can't wait to feel you near
It's your moan I long to hear...

I want to run my hair along your naked chest...
...Kiss your lips, make you my nest

I want to feel you beside me...
...Love me, Remind me

I want to feel your lips...
...On my neck and on my hips

I can feel you behind me...
...To my left, then to my right

I want to hold and caress you each and every night....

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Candice
    it makes me feel happy when i read this. then i think about the times that i had/have with my boy. I JUST LOVE IT
  • kishawna
  • karthik
    the pome is absolutely gorgious & there r no words 2 express my feels.
  • nadata
    I totally loved that poem. It reminds me of what i wanna do to my man but can't because of distance but when i read the poem to him he understood how much i really miss him.
  • sharon
    wow this poem really made me feel good my boyfriend is in prison and i feel this will realy cheer him up and make him smile again thankyou very much xx
  • Liz
    i know the feeling!
  • Kim
    10+++++++++++++ A++++++++++++++++ HOT HOT HOT HOT
  • jemika
    very good. exactly wut im feelin rite now. for the wrong guy but hey. lol loved it entirely
  • juju
    i love dis poem one of da sexxest i've read.
  • Megan
    That is how i feel about my boyfriend. I am right there with you.
  • Zippy
    Your poem is wonderful and reminds me of other very potent writings I found on the net many years ago, might you also be the author of Images?
  • Colin
    nice, lazy , sensual style. I like it
  • Liza
    Just devine,so much spunk and moving. i feel it inside me.
  • dalia
    this is the way how i fell tonight, i wanna express my self,but i wish i could be there with him now!Silky? you feel the same! good one!
  • tbunny
    It is hard to believe that someone could write how I have been feeling. Thanks.
  • Emily
    I loved this poem. It was really great and it described exactly what I want to do to my boyfriend/fiance. I hope you keep on writing because you are really good at it
  • Brenda
    I think that this poem helps to tell my boo how much i love him and what i feel when we are together. IT'S THE BOMB
  • Lily
    damn woman........very nice poem, keep it up! Erotic is such a wonderful thing yes!
  • Brown
    That was a very cute poem, I really enjoyed it!!!!
  • Karen
    This made me think of someone very special. I think of him every night. We will make this happen, in our own time.
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