Sometimes souls touch before eyes see. Creating the most intimate love of all. For Love starts in the heart. Sometimes we see through colored glasses and do not see the beauty of the soul

For Rushelle and Andrew, who correspond and love with many miles apart, from California to Ohio.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems

Loving Hearts Miles Apart
There are many miles between us,
But our hearts see not the distance.
Drawing our love even closer,
On this my heart it is insistent.
When we talk my heart sings,
You'll never know the happiness it brings.
Just to hear a word from you,
Keeps my heart from being blue.
I love you truly, yes I do.
I forever want to be with you.
For now I'll settle for the phone,
But know it's in your dreams that I belong
Longing for the day we greet,
Two loving hearts will then get to meet.
Never more to be apart,
Knowing it was long distance we got our start.

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  • Anna
    It really touched me. In 4 days ive been with this guy for 3monthes, I havent met him yet but hopefully he will have enough money to come and see me in a couple of weeks. He lives in England and I live in Sweden so it really is a long distance relationship. But I can tell u even if it has been rough I'm so happy I fell in love with him. There's no1 beta then ma lad haha and i can say that he is the love of my life! I've never felt this way b4! Ive never felt that I dont want any1 else but that special guy! And I hope that he will be ma future husband coz really I never ever wanna be without him and I never ever wanna be out lookin for any1 else!
  • Danielle
    this poem touched me very deeply cause i am currntly in an online relationship n its goin gr8. weve been 2gether 4 a lil ova 3 mnths n im gonna meet him this summer wen he comes 4 a visit we r truly in luv evn tho ppl tell me itll nvr last n that once i meet him that the fire btween us will go out but i definetly dont believe them! i luv this poem
  • Lisa
    you wrote what is in my heart but did not have the words to express. A++++++++
  • MSI
    Words fail me,Simply Brilliant. V apt in my current situation
  • Araxie
    Amazing . I completely feel the pain and understand it.
  • Darryl
    It touched me reminds me of my relationship
  • claire
    This really truely touched me wowwwwwwwwww i can feel what u feel so rite . Who is to say where we find love or how we find love . love is love as some us are ever so lucky to find it all and some us find it in places we least expect it like myself. just wanted to say it made me cry becasue i found my true soulmate and he is the uk and i am in canada and distance seems to be the major thing . but we were togather in our past lives and we will find our way back to each other in this life . there are reason's everyone meets there love the way we dooooo
  • rory
    omg wow! You have no idea how much this poem has touched my heart. I began to cry bc it was just as if i had written it about my current relationship. Thx so much for writing this because reading it has made me stronger and happier that I will soon get to meet him.
  • Lissa
    I loved this poem! My husband just got sentenced to 10 years in prison. And we will have to live for phone calls and brief visits. So I can totally relate to everything written about!
  • River
    Hit home
  • Peter
    It's truly amazing what you can say in words about someone who you love deerly..This poem was so touching and made me think of my love right away.
  • Cass
    I loved it
  • Eve
    I just read your poem and it made me cry, this story tells of me and my internet boyfriend. He's so far from me and I long to meet him! A few more months and this will be true! All we have right now is the phone, but I treasure every minute that we have together! *thank you for this poem* He's going to love it! =) Its beautiful!
  • Tom
    Thankyou for writing such a beautiful poem. I sent it to my girlfriend and she cried reading it. It is truely, very touching and written straight from the heart
  • angie
    i love this poem. it makes me think of my jasyen who is miles away.. Thank You
  • Bridgette
    I absolutely loved this poem, and I sent it to my boyfriend. It expresses so much for me, especially since I'm going through the same thing. Every night I lay awake thinking about this person I met online, this person who has completely changed my life, and yet I've never seen his face. But someday, I will...
  • tinkerbell
    thats was a great poem i loved it so much , just like i love my internet b/f
  • Julie
    This was a great poem. It expresses the way i feel about someone that i met on the net, but who lives so far away. My friends thought i was crazy, but now i know that this happens to others as well.
  • Jennifer
    i love this poem bacause it remindes me of thr love i found on the net. this guy brings me nothing but joy ever since he damr into my life. for that this peomwill bring ou closer together and when he get it i know it will put a smile on his face
  • Dreamer
    I loved this poem. It describes exactly what I'm going through. The man I love lives thousands of miles from me, but in my heart he is always close. Great job & keep up the good work!
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