I had this friend who I had known my entire life. He and I were pretty close and we let lust come in the way of that. Now all I am left with is my memories and of course, tears. He read this and told me it was beautiful and I haven't spoke to him since.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

Are We Still Friends?
I could have held you all night long,
I could have laid next to you forever,
But then I know tomorrow soon would come,
And still we couldn't be together . . .

I went against what my head was saying,
and followed my heart through,
And instead of quitting while I was ahead,
I started falling in love with you

We had so much fun together,
the memories we made so great,
all those nights laughing and smiling,
staying up so late.

As the snow falls on the sidewalks,
I know this too will pass,
for feelings are like the seasons changing,
and one season never lasts.

So, I know this must stop now,
and tomorrow soon will come,
as we walk away and never look back,
as our warm feelings become numb.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Caroline
    I thought this was AMAZING, if you're the writer and you're reading this. please email me! you were great!
  • shamia
  • Antonnette
    This a good poem. Excellent!
  • Courtney
    oh wow. that poem. phenomenal. my feelings to a tee about a current situation. wow. a little too close to home actually. wow. Great job
  • alyx
    Omg this pomen is beauftful
  • priscilla
    love it
  • Mariah
    This was very touching poem.
  • Blake
    I really lovedthis poem, I used to be friends with this guy and then we became more and I thought it would last but I had a real rude awaking when he got sent off and he just forgot about me, I love him still and it hurts so bad when I think about what me and him used to have
  • Cynthia
    I love it cause it remind me of a closed friend!
  • Lien
    I think your poem is very beautiful in so many ways that words can not express. I was involve in a relationship a while ago and there are no better words to express my feelings than your beautiful poem. :)
  • Ashlee
    this poem was great
  • Crista
    this is a really good poem
  • Jimmy
    Unbelievable in both its simplicity and yet, its complexity. Of description and feelings. I was completely moved and got goose bumps reading it having just had this experience. Could be one of my favorite poems of all times.
  • maltrick
    Very good. my friend sent me the first two stanzas as a love poem, so I decided to google it and see the rest. It was all good. It sounds like a song. Write more!
  • Jay
    A fantastic poem and exactly what I have been feeling. I had a very close friend who once said he loved me and I wasn't ready for him for I was engaged. I realised I felt a bit more than friendship but I rejected him and also broke up with my fiance for I had all mixed up emotions. Six months later I was ready to go that step further with my friend and he said he had moved on and no longer felt the same way and just wanted to stay friends but by that stage I had fallen in love with him and now I am trying to get over him.
  • kay
    this is wondeful and so true its real
  • Sarah
    i luv the poem its soo realistic i wish i was as good at righting a fantastic poem luv your poem
  • Delisha
    This has described what I have felt for a person for a long period of time. Thanks for sharing this. Much Love.
  • valeria
    i love this poem, it explains exactly how i feel, keep on writing!
  • Stephanie
    This poem is the best I have so many feeling inside just like this poem. It really interacts with the real feelings of life and friends becoming lover. It just seems it never works out.
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