This is written for someone that I love that I've met here on line. We both have our own lives, but have discovered strong feelings for each other. And all I can hope for is our next lifetime . . . I know then . . . we can be together.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Cyber Romance Poems

If I Could Make A Wish
If I could make a wish
And have it last forever and a day,
I would take you in my arms
And this is where I'd stay..
For there's no one else I know
That holds my heart like you,
And I know someday, baby,
You'll realize this is true.

If I could make a wish
Your lips would be on mine,
I'd slowly sip and savor you
Like only the finest wine.
For there's no one else I know
That gives me so much pleasure,
And I know someday, baby,
You'll see that you're my treasure.

If I could make a wish
Our bodies would unite,
There's nothing I'd love more
Than making love all night.
For there's no one else I know
Who gives me passion like you do,
And I know someday, baby,
All my wishes will come true.

If I could make a wish
I'd start by making things right,
I'd take away all your doubts,
And hold you through the night.
For there's no one else I know
That means as much you see,
And I know someday, baby,
You'll learn to trust in me.

If I could make a wish.
It would be just you and me,
No worries in the world,
Just happy as can be.
For there's no one else I know
Who with me, makes the perfect rhyme,
And I know someday, baby,
In another place in time.

If I could make a wish
I'd go to the next lifetime to be with you,
I know that you're my soulmate,
There's no doubt I know it's true.
For there's no one else I know
That is my destiny,
I know I'm meant for you,
And I know you're meant for me.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Heather
    wow. thats very beautiful. i LOVE it!
  • grace
    its kinda, uh, related to me. i like your poem
  • Desmond
    this poem is so true because i have the same feel for someone i met on the net,it like the only way i could focus on. nice poem i love it alot
  • Nikki
    It was so beautiful it touched my heart and i am sending it to my boy friend it really makes me feel relived that i could read something so beautiful that seems to touch my and my boyfriends heart
  • Donna
    loved it its very touching
  • Elmo
    I REALLY REALLY LOVED THIS POEM. Its awsome. I am also in love with someone who lives on the other side of the world. He has really touched my heart and i know his my soul mate. Your poem is the perfect discription of everything i feel. Thank You for sharing it with us (,")
  • shanna
    I would just like to say i really like your poem. I sent in to my boyfriend i met online. We started talking before he was stationed over in Iraq, now we talk everyday. my days don't seem to be complete without him. We are finally going to meet in person in November if nothing happens. Your words are true & it is a great poem for any long distance realationship, wheter its online or not. Keep up the great work!
  • Christa
    wow . have we met?? you seem to know exactly what i'm tryin' to say.
  • David
    I'm really impress. Keep it up.
  • nEeDiNg My MaN
    One single tear. i was very touched by this. you are an amazing person because putting the feeling you felt and in turn i felt in words must have been a very difficult thing. you words meant alot! xx
  • lauren
    omg i love this poem i read it twice in a row it make sme htink of my ex in ohio ( i live in tx) i love him still ad always will i feel so stiff with ut his kiss
  • Wendy
    HI, I just read this poem and I loved it! I met someone on the internet almost 3 years ago and we are so much in love and still waiting to meet, we have been so patient and when i read poems like this I just break down. I t touched every peice of my heart and I think it is a wonderful poem
  • Denise
  • diana
    This poem really touched my heart i fell madly in love with a guy who live's in a different country in Canada. Everyday i ache for him to be with him and all my wisher's are in this poem he's my soul mate my best friend my heart and i know i will never rest till we are together. So thank for your poem you touched a special part of my heart.
  • jess
    WOW - i read these poems over and over again but your one GOT me, i never ever vote or make comments but the brillance of yours made me make an exception, this is a great poem. thank you for sharing it with all of us!
  • diana
    I think your poem was really great. People think internet love is not real but i know it is. I fell in love with a wonderful guy but we are a ocean apart i love him so much and i know what i feel is real
  • Carlotta
    This is an awesome poem. I'm only a teenager. but it was still touching!
  • Maria
    I really liked this poem, i can actually relate to it, i loved it!
  • BaByJ
    this poem is by far one of the most amazing poems i've ever read it's very expressive and i like that God Bless you BaByJ
  • Jeremy
    Very wonderful poem, It describes exactly how I feel.
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