I knew this girl all through high school. We were buds, chums, but then one day she caught my eye in a totally different way than ever before. I began to care far more than I ever did. That is where this poem came from. Sad thing is she never read it. I never got a chance to give it to her. We had a falling out just days before I was planning to give it to her. I always wondered what would have happened if I would have given her the poem sooner. I guess I will never know.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

Heart Thoughts
Sitting here remembering when
I saw the beauty rush out like a might wind
I never saw it before or bothered to notice
But now I see it and on it I am focused.
The gentleness of your voice
The way you make me feel
when I see your lovely smile.
The way you laugh and care for others
Even go beyond the extra mile.
I am focused on that
whether you believe me or not
My heart aches for you
And my stomach is in knots.
Now I had to declare,
The thoughts of my heart.
In hopes that you'd give me,
A place in your heart

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • megha
    this thoyght was lovely
  • Amit
    well this is very good poem which can inspires the younger ones
  • nasima
    it was really nice
  • Tan
    wonderful poem which warm my heart.
  • java
    No one is poet but love make them to be one. This poem shows everything this guy has in his heart. Way to go man.
  • mariam
  • Natasha
    It was good.
  • Randi
    Hey. I loved your poem i have the same feelings for one of my best friends but im afraid of what might happen to us. I may be a sophomore in High School but i have never felt this way for a guy before. Maybe and if i do tell him the way i feel im afraid i might lose a friendship in the end.
  • Kali
    WOW,that is seriously the best one i have read through out all the sites i have been through. you have talent. That is a kicking poem.
  • graham
    i used this in my girlfriends birthday card,very good .
  • Sabir Tanha
    i love this kind of love story that is why i deep in love ok who worte this love story i apperitcat the i love you if she or he is not different for me ok thanks for your show stroy to love bye
  • anunay
    hi this is very nice poem. i thought that is amazing! that was just- touching. that had so much emotion and you are a great poet.
  • Crista
    this is a really beautiful poem it really touches my heart, and i didn't know that there was actually someone out there that has the same problem/situation as i do it's way way awesome.
  • Evelyn
    A simply touching poem. While I was reading it some of the words in it reminded me that I possess some of those qualities in myself. I give this poem four****. A good poem, not too long and easy to understand.
  • Peggy
    I really like it. My best friend saw an x of hers last night who said all of that. I showed her your poem. She also likes it. (keep up the good work!)
  • umesh
    very nice
  • karishma
    it's a great poem i'll appreacite it!
  • Tiffany
    I think you should still give her the poem. it might save what you had. What can you lose? Its worth the try! I know how hard it is. im going through it right now.
  • rachel
    wow this is a great poem and i once had the same feelings for a friend and the same thing happend to me if the feelings are still there then you should give it to her so she knows and you won't have the regret of her not knowing.
  • christy
    i can relate to what hes poem means. i liked it.
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