This poem is about a dear friend whom I met by pure chance. I have often wondered what would have been if our lives had taken different paths.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

How Was Your Day?
We are friends from far away.
When we talk we always have something to say.
Our lives so different yet the same.
Every night we play the game.
We talk of families and about our day.
I always wonder if there's more to say.
Could it have been different for you and I?
Or was fate decided before we could have tried?
For now we play our parts, that's all that's left;
Never knowing if our hearts would have met.
Two people from far away, always asking, "How was your day?".

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  • Mary
    This was a grat poem. I can deffinantly relate to this. we are on the opposit ends of California. And we take lil vacation trips to see each other. But every night i ask him how his day was. I can't say I love him because i don't know what that truly is but I can tell you I like him.
  • Beauty
    This poem really touch on a part of my life. I give you two thumbs up and more if i could! Keep up the good work.
  • Rukshana
    this is the poem i was looking for . i was going through all the poems ang tried to find one that related to my life. and this did. even i have a friend like tis. we were friends as kids and sudenly fate brought us back together online. and every day we ask the same questions on the poem and awways wonder the answers to the real questions we want to ask
  • Pamela
    BEAUTIFUL! Explains my situation completely.
  • Jessica
    I think this poms is evey sweet
  • julie
    well ! indeed this peom has been very very. touchy.
  • Dat
    Simply Great, in fact no words can describe, I am giving to my girl friend with whom we are in touch for nearly a year and now we have come closer.
  • kirsty
    well truly touched me and i utterly understand where u are comin frm, why is it we ask the people who we truly care bout their day and not much more the things we really want to no? amazin poem
  • Bob
    Yes this is so true about me and a very close Friend, who I speak to everynight. That is what we always say at first, word for word. Thank you so much for it. I did send it to my Friend, who agree's whole Heartedly, that it is true.
  • Jessica
    I thought the poem was really good because it is about friendship
  • tia
  • D
    The words touched me so much as it was as if I was reading the conversation I have every night with someone I love very much yet he doesn't know how I truly feel. It's a lovely poem.
  • Jumar
    i love the poem coz it really touches my emotions!
  • Jovi
    This Is A Great POem
  • Sarah
    I was looking for a poem to send to a friend and this is EXACTLY what I wanted to say. Thank you. x
  • Sha
    I really liked your poem. It touched me. This is a similar situation for me, except that its my boyfriend's brother. I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years and we plan to marry, but we're in a long distance relationship right now. And, I've known him and his brother for 10 years. I'd never talked to his brother because he was much younger. But now, he is 20 and I am 24. And by chance, we ended up on a group vacation where my boyfriend couldn't make it. We clicked like we'd known each other for 50 years. We were best friends instantly. And we instantly loved each other. We still don't know what to do. And the weirdest thing of all is that my boyfriend has always been weird about me talking to his brother. He told me once, "Don't ever talk to my brother, he's the only one I could ever lose you to. "
  • Penny
    When I read this poem, it was like you wrote it just for me. I have a friendship that fits this to a "T".
  • Scott
    How was your day? is my life in a nutshell and almost hurt to read but it was written by someone who knows the story
  • tim
    This poem parallels a relationship I had with a travelling co-worker I had the privelidge of working with for 17 weeks, we are both married but there was something very special between us. So special, I've been questioning my marriage ever since.
  • chris
    this is a great poem. About how freinds are talking and staying together through thick and thin.
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