I wrote this poem when I was once madly in love to a very sexy woman named Rosa. She was a woman filled with so much passion and love.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Erotic Poems

The Heat Of My Desire
In the still of the evening
Without sunlight to intrude
I see the twilight's in your eyes
As the moon sets up the mood

Playing music soft and low
While romance fills the air
I can't help but feel aroused
The very moment you come near

You submit to my embrace
While candles flick their flame
And the smell of sweet perfume
Seems to drive my lust insane

As I look into your eyes
And run my fingers through your hair
I taste the sweetness of your neck
As I nibble at your ear

I then whisper words of love
As you answer with a sigh
And in a very sexy way
Your sweet body comes alive

Your the heat of my desire
As we slowly come undress
I then start to lay you down
While you welcome my caress

With your luscious sexy curves
You have a taste I can't resist
And your breast show some response
When I touch them with a kiss

As I soak inside your love
To a sexy love condition
Feeling passions start to rise
While making love in all positions

You give me so much pleasure
For ecstasy is here
With you wrapped inside my arms
To this heated love we share

Now no one can come close
To this love that we inspire
For only you can fill this joy
And the heat of my desire

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • D
    i loved this poem. it was very sexy
  • david
    this is exactly what i have been trying to express to a girl so special in my life. the poet that wrote this is forever in my prayers. thank you so much from me. crazy dave
  • Rachel
    A truly amazing piece of work!
  • Alison
    wow! that is a good poem. i cant tell you how good i think it is, that poem has just blown me away. well done, alison.
  • Dametria
    that is so sweet
  • Tijuana
    that poem is so very nice ur wife must love u!
  • Danielle
    I love that peom! it is really good one. :)
  • craig
    i like this poem very much because this is how i feel about my girlfriend(WIFE).
  • Patty
    This is a great poem. It said exactly what I have been thinking. Way To Go!
  • adrian
    My vote just means that I really like the poem
  • kevin
    I am having a very passionate affair - right or wrong - this poem does it full justice. Love has no boundaries!
  • Sheila
    This poem is very moving and it reminds me of my boyfriens Nick of four years and the love that we share for each other!
  • kyra
    I really enjoyed it. It had so much passion into it. Im goind to give this to my man
  • Dominique
  • Diane
    This poem moved me - thank you for sharing.
    This describes me and my man. This is exactly how he feels! Thank you to the author!
  • Salm
    Such a lovely poem, well written and it makes you love the one you love more dearly. I love this poem
  • smitha
    its was wonderful.
  • William
    Very poignant poem. thoroughly enjoyed it and the sentiments it expressed
  • Danielle
    i love your poem it was awsome I would love to read more! Keep up the good work
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