Sometimes just the thought of someone can stir up emotions in us when we least expect it. Hopefully, there is someone in your life, or in your memory, who can stir the following emotions in you.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Erotic Poems

Wetness does not always pertain to water
in an ocean, river or lake;
Sometimes it refers to how I feel
when I remember your embrace.

I only have to think of you
to remember me in your arms;
My legs quivering, my mouth moaning
I have fallen captive to your charms.

I long to feel your body on mine
to know the taste of satisfied love;
To lie quietly in your arms
we fit together like a hand to a glove.

You are the sweetheart of my life
you are my one sure bet;
You never have to wonder babe . . .
you can always keep me wet.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Mel
    Well written, hubby loved it.
    I love this peom. It says exactly what I want to say to my man, only better.
  • a
    I haven't seen my man in 2 weeks and he's coming home tomorrow. I don't have time to write anything so I decided to look up steamy poems to lay out on the bed for him and this one is perfect , kudos to you.
  • Raychel
    This poem reminds me of alot of things a just brought back lots of memories
  • chokolet
  • shannon
    I really enjoyed your poem. It was a joy to read and I thought it to be very stiring. Thank You.
  • marisela
    hey moondance that is a nice poem. i give you a 10 dude that is awesome. thats the same way i feel about my bf.
  • Brandy
    I felt every bit of the poem from my head ,through my body, and right down to my toes. I love the way that it captured the erotic feeling of passionate sex. I have recently shared this experience. so I had to share the poem as well. Thank you, job well done!
  • Bianka
    This is a very beautiful and seductive poem! A++
  • Jasmin
    This poem speaks for so many people. I can definetly relate to this, you couldn't have said it any better. PROPS!
  • Lynn
    I loved the poem wet by: Moondance keep up the good work Looking forward to some more!
  • Dannielle
    Now i really like this poem. IT just brings me along of the times i think of my sweetheart.
  • Leslie
    This was a good poem it really got me sumthing when I sent it to my fiance. And when I move back with him I will get even more sumthing.
  • jio
    u really brought out a truth most people would be embarased to reveal,true about the wetness,if u have been in love u know the feeling
  • Ingrid
    WOW That is all I can say. WOW
  • Kieara
    i love this poem. I write peoms like this also. Greeat!
  • Ebonisha
    i love d this poem i reminds me of my fieonce that is way from home right now.
  • Emma
    This poem is great I love it, it really moved me because I can totally relate to it
  • Peter
    I think this poem was brought straight out of the heart of a man that feels what a lot of men feel when they have shared a feeling like this with a partner,"Brilliant"And my compliments.
  • N.
    The poem just touched me. I mean I heard this so much before and i was an amazing poem. Great work Moondance! I loved it!
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