This poem describes the true feelings of people who love each other so much that they are willing to give the ultimate gift. This poem is dedicated to my one true love, my muse, my soul mate.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Erotic Poems

His Paradise
Bring me to his paradise
a feeling of within,
naked to his loving eyes
caressing me with sin
I long to feel his softest kiss
upon my dampened skin

Bring me to his paradise,
and let our bodies meet
the trickle of the rain outside
would shower us with heat,
I wish to be his fantasy
and make our love complete.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Cecelia
    I have loved this poem for a number of years, and have sent it to many lovers.
  • nikki
    lovely . pure . real. true
  • MaryAnne
    I enjoyed reading this poem because I am in love and one of the most important things to me regarding my lover is that he experiences " his paradise " brought on by me. I want him to be happy in every way and solidly satisfied. His feelings are very important to me and make me so very happy when he conveys his emotions to me by inviting me to share in " his paradise. " His paradise is my paradise. Thank you for sharing emotional bliss in such a beautiful way!
  • anthony
    hello amanda you poem inspired me in a very strong way and i possibly would like to discuss your feelings that made you write such strong poetry i wish you the best of luck and hope you e-mail me.
  • Lettie
  • Chrissy
    beautiful and true!
  • Monica
    very strong loving poem!
  • Robyn
    its amazing and beautiful. very precise but yet wonderous.
  • Amber
    I lov this pice it is really nice, it is short and sweet which is how alo of poems should be great job!
  • Oceania
    I love this poem
  • sarina
  • Shemeka
    this is a very good poem and whom ever wrote it should keep up the good work. sincerely, SHEMEKA R. TAYLOR
  • Tiffany
    Amanda was saying some of the things I have been feeling about my relationship and never knew how to say it! Thank you for saying them for me! Tiffany
  • corinne
    Just the kind of poem I love to read. My exact words to my lover.
  • Pamela
    Very Hot. Great poem
  • Candice
    This poem was very nice, I liked it and I sent it to a very good friend of mine.
  • nicole
    i love this poem it's great!
  • Triasia
    I think this is really sexy and romance poem every gurl can relate to all the girls out there who want to be a boys fanties.
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