This poem is for one of my good friends. I love him to death and wanted more from our friendship, but he would not see to that. I haven't seen him in a couple of months, than just this month, I ran into him at a carnival. As he gave me a hug, I looked back on the good times we shared, and this is what I got.

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Better Untouched
I look at him,
And a smile grows in my face.
Just to remember the times,
When he could've been mine.

As he gives me a hug,
While he puts his arms around me.
I remember what I would've gave
To only have a chance with him.

But now I see him,
In a different light.
Yes, he still means the world to me,
But now its a different way.

His friendship means a lot to me,
Although we never had much anything else.
Now I see why God doesn't answer all prayers,
Because some things are left better untouched.

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  • trina
    This poem said exactly what I wanted to say, but for a different reason than why the poet wrote it. Me and my "friend" attempted to get things off the ground, but now I see there are some things that make us not as compatable as I thought. He has strong beliefs about certain things based on what he went through in a previous relationship and it's affecteing what he could possibly have with me. Although he has a lot of qualities I desire in a mate, we just can't get past this one thing. I don't think we ever will.
  • Tyna
    it reminds of me somebody and the last stanza is right I guess God don't answer all prayers I know I pray enough but my prayers weren't answered.
  • DeWanna
    I think your poem is very cool keep up the good work.
  • Althea
    simply. BEAUTIFUL.
  • april
    This poem reminds me of alot of things cause someone who i used to love is now one of my best friends and i wouldnt chage that for the world!
  • Shana
    This poem is so great! it reminds me of me and my ex-boyfriend cause i want him back but we are just friends now. which is good because to me he is my best friend! Very good poem!
  • Renee
    This poem totally reminds me of High school friends. I used tot like someone and then he kind of changed, but we are still friends, but i see him in a different way.
  • Nicole
    This is just what I needed to remind me where my Heart really should be.
  • Nikki
    this poem touches me the same way, cause one of my friends had it and i was near crying after i read it, cause thers this boy i have liked and wanted for years i would pray to god to give me a chance, and i never knew why god wouldn't give me one and we have been threw alot so i was always upset to see him with other girls and when he would give me hugs i wish that the feeling never went away, now we are working on becoming friends we hung out at the western idaho fair and now i relize i would rather be his friend then nothing at all,and after reading this poem it answered alot that no one eles could, now it makes a little more sence and i thank you alot for that Cole.
  • Muffy
    I think you have made such a valid point. sometimes it is better to savour the friendship than to complicate it with a physical relationship. there are different forms of love and some people are only ever meant to be friends. don't be sad about it- rejoice the fact that you have such a wonderful friend.
  • Samantha
    Oh my god! Beautiful It was one of the best poems i have ever read in my life.
  • maddy
    i love this poem it touched me deep and brought back wonderful memories
  • Tamita
    3 stars. The way it must be.
  • Alysha
    This is such an amazing poem and explains EXACTLY how I feel about my best friend.
  • tanya
    i feel this way right now! my bestfriend and i. well i love him soooooooooooooooooooo much thank u for always being there. i give the poem a 10000
  • raditya
    this poem is really touching u know. Well, especially because I've also experienced it once before (but with a girl of course). And by reading this poem, it really brings back memories for me. It sure is hard to fall in love with your own friend, you must make a choices, and if you chose the wrong choice, you'll ruin everything. I really like this poem, two thumbs up for the poem and also for the writer.
  • Tammy
    This poem describes a friend that i have and I thought I would take a moment to let the author know this is a great poem
  • Lee
    I like the way they express what teenager have gone through, like me. I love their poems.
  • Amar
    The way, it describe the times that went passed by, really great. Especially the positive attitude, and elaboraion of meaning of Friendship ,more precisely Love ( that Sacrifice is the real Love) is great.
  • heather
    hey wats up this thing rocks. i have a frined who i at one time widhed was more than a friend but it never happened and now he is going with my friend. so yah some things truley are better off ledt untouched
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