People who fall in love are caught in all it's glory and beauty. The thrill of a kiss can send one's soul flying into the clouds.

But when we are afraid, or doubtful of the amount of trust we have with our beloved, the once beautiful love will fade away into oblivion.

I have had experience. These soothing words can convince a lover growing doubtful, that the flame still burns in their trusting hearts.

Remember, that when the trust is great and secure, the flame will continue to burn with it's warm glow . . .

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

Trust Me With Your Heart
Why does your heart grow doubtful dear?
Tense and beating, full of fear.
I keep with me your everlasting love,
and bless the day God sent you from above.

You remain my angel and I feel that I must,
tell you that within you, you have my trust.
My love is the tide, your soul is the shores,
you have my heart, do I have yours?

I'll belong to you till the very end,
and you will forever stay as my lover and friend.
It has been so good like this from the start,
so darling please, trust me with your heart.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • golda
    Kathleen, your poem is catchy. simple but has a deep meaning. And I can relate with it.
  • maria
    hi my name is maria and i just want to tell all of you thaet i love this poems because they remind me of my baby i love this poems thankyou for writting them
  • Shannon
    i like da poem b'cuz it touched my heart, b'cuz i was going through something like that in a relationship b4
  • celia
    i really do like ur peom. am goin through dat right now,i love my boyfriend n i don't think i want 2 lose him.
  • rona
    this poem has really touched my heart and inspired me thank you
  • jordan
    to whom u wrote this poem to or for should have been really touched. i read this poem an it was really good
  • Michael
    I thought it was terrific and it really fits a trying moment that I am experiencing currently. Thank you
  • Enya
    This is a good poem i even sent it to my boyfirend
  • Tiffany
    This poem is great!It reminds me of my new boyfriend Micheal,his ex-girlfriend hurt him bad and he's having problems trusting me. But I want him to know that I would never hurt him in any kinda way! This poem is awwesome!
  • Bonita
    Kathleen, tha poem was very real . it really touched my heart. this is exactly how i feel . thank you . and keep righting more u got the talent.
  • Azza
    very nice poem, full of emotions. Good job i like it sooooooooo much! and the way to say to a person to trust him with the heart that's relly nice. Good Job. continue
  • Amanda
    Wow! I really feel your poem. Me and my boyfriend were having some problems with him not trusting me, so I'm going to send it to him. I think it might help. You are a wonderful and inspirational writer.
  • Stacy
    Kathleen, I really loved your poem, very touching and relevant to my life
  • Tommy
    this is a very very good poem, i feel i should send my girlfriend this poem. THANK YOU!
  • lizzy
    this is one of my favorite poems!
  • John
    I think this poem is a really good plea to someone for there last chance to beg them to trust you. thank you for sharing your thoughts
  • JAB
  • Cheree
    The poem is really great.This poem makes me think about my boyfriend becuse he does not trust me with his heart.
  • Shamaigne
    It does realy state what i feel right now. whats on my thought toward my beau.. good poem
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