I am a very passionate person, passionate about life and especially of love. I carry my passion deep within, and I am inspired by simple things. Romance is a lost art and although I have no one in my life to share my passion with, I still dream of what passion was will be again.

I am an incurable romantic, originally from Canada and now working in the south of Texas. My poetry is the outlet for my passionate nature, my lust for love and life runs deep. My nature does not go well with the loneliness of a new country, but I have my poetry for comfort, and my dreams for inspiration.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Erotic Poems

Our Night
Taking your hand
Fingers to my lips
I want to love every inch of you
Taste every part of your body
As if I can drink your loves blood
Through your very pores

I want to get lost in your eyes
Consumed by your kiss
Set my body on fire
Quench the fire in my blood
With sweet caresses
Touch my soul with your passion

Lay down beside me
Feel my body crying for you
Let's get lost in each other
Touching, exploring, tasting
We will exceed passion, go beyond bliss
For this is our night

Want me, like no other
Need you, like the air that I breathe
Together, one mind, one soul
Fused in the heat of passionate love
Existing in this moment

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Sara
    Beautiful. That is just so powerful. What deep intimacy really is. This poet is awesome.
  • jaya
    Really im very impressed on each and every word in the poem. I felt so happy and i could feel the heat in my blood while reading the lines.
  • Debbie
    This is the most passionate love poem I have ever read.
  • yi
    It's really beautiful poem. your passionate love make you lucky with your loved one. The one whom you love must be so satisfied with this poem if you really at in that night. liyi
  • Danielle
    It reminded me of my fiance that I love very much and this poem tells exactly how I feel about him.
  • Janet
    Beautiful,Evoking,inspiringand Waiting to see more. Thank You
  • Anita
    Wow, that poem was awesome. i loved it and it touched me in places a poem has never touched me before. your and awesome poet and wow. i am speechless. good work! keep it up!
  • Whitney
    I thought i was a really good poem
  • Muriel
    love your passion
  • Arrienesha
    i just loved it u got real talent papi keep doin wat u do
  • Sharon
    I loved it!
  • charlene
    love the poem.
  • valerie
    this poem brings tears tp my eyes. it gives you the intimacy that everyone is looking for
  • Magali
    I enjoyed your poem very much. Great job!
  • kerryann
    this a good one it make me cry
  • Geoffrey
    I must say this author has touched a new meaning to the word that we describe as love, i do hope to see more of this work as it "grasped my soul" down to the very last word.
  • Jasmine
    It is the most beautiful poem ever. Thanks for writing it.
  • Rebecca
    I really liked this Poem. It made me think of the one I truely love.
  • Cristy
    That was a good poem and i loved it very much well nice poem bye.
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