I wrote this poem one Summers night after having a conversation with a friend of mine about a girl I liked. At the time she was the most amazing woman I had ever met and I found that I could open up to her on anything. I wrote this at about 4. 30 in the morning, after that conversation with my friend.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

Coffee Lovers
He smiles to himself,
As he thinks of her,
Sitting alone in her kitchen,
Sipping coffee.
She thinks of him too,
But little does he know it.
Both pass each other every day,
Without passing on the knowledge,
Of their inwardly turned love.
Time and time again it happens,
For who has the courage to say it first,
Or do they just enjoy,
Their secret love affair.

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  • Cheyenne
    I heart heart it. It is about coffee. Yum =]
  • Caitlin
    that poem is great. Abigail. I went through the same thing as your for over 3 years. I didn't tell him for the same reason as you. My feelings for him got so strong that i would get depressed everytime i thought about him or saw him. The other night I just cam out and told him. He told me he doesn't feel the same and surprisingly I'm ok with that. The best thing is that we are still great friends.
  • Caitlin
    I really love your poem. Touch my heart and it is reality. Maybe someone and somewhere there are people going through this. YOU ARE THE BEST.
  • James
    This is a nice poem by all standards. There is this lady in my neigbourhood. She is very beautiful and calm. We gazed at each other anytime that we happened to meet somewhere. I have some feelings for her, but there is no courage to say, I L. Y
  • Kris
    I love this poem because its how i feel and how i think someone else feels. thank you for knowing.
  • Victoria
    I really liked your poem. Right now I'm going to te exact same situation with one of my best guy friends. I have feelings for him and I can tell he does too, but we both haven't told each other. Your poem has inspired me to try to tell him. Thanks.
  • Abigail
    This poem really touched me because I am going through the same thing with my best friend. I have loved him for three years but I'm afraid that if I say anything our friendship will be ruined. Thank you for this beautiful poem.
  • Lucky
    This is an everyday basis for some people,Your Poem is the best.
  • Tessa
    Loved it
  • Catherine
    it's short and sweet. left a smile on my face too. =)
  • Rachel
    I love this poem. Short and sweet. But it relates to me very-well. It's very true.
  • erica
    wonderful, it explained everything i couldnt.
  • katie
    realy moving but so true
  • Tammy
    I liked your poem. I think the secrete feelings between friends happens more than you think. You spend a lot of time with your friends and its easy for that friendship to move to a more intimate feeling. Dont be affraid to take steps to let that person know that she is lucky enough to have someone care about her.
  • Trianna
    Hi how are you? I really enjoyed your poem right now I am going through something like that. I don't know if he feels the same way but he just such a great person. This poem really caught my attention it explains what alot of people go through and you're a great poet. Keep Posted
  • rebel
    u know what. ur poem is so reaL! GREAT - it happend to me :)) -
  • Paige
    I love this poem, for the simple fact I was once in the same position. Then two years later I met with the love of my life and confess my feelings just find out he is married.
  • M
    Mornings are not enough to express our feelings, but i will always charish the time we share.
  • Machelle
    I really liked this poem! I can really relate to it. There is a guy that i go to school with, his name is travis and he is a really great guy. We share everything w/each other, we can talk about anything, we get along great. We have admitted to each other that we have feelings for one another but nothing so far as a relationship has happend yet. Today as we were writing notes back and fourth in class, he wrote on s separate sheet of paper saying,"machelle, i love you w/ all of my heart. " He walked me to my last calss and told me that he loved me, and i told him that i loved him,too but i really don't know whats going on with us right now. This poem has really inspired me a lot.
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