One day I realized I had feelings for one of my friends. I didn't know what to do. I started to spend more time with her and before I knew it, I asked her out.

I crossed a line and our friendship was never the same. I found this place and felt better about myself because there are other guys just like me. There are other guys who did the same thing.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Love and Friendship Poems

Forgive Me
To the ends of time I will love you my friend
Knowing that you're gone leaves me a bend

An angle to me you were so kind
Raising my sprits with ways I can not find

Over and over the days with you replayed
Loving you so much wished you would have stayed

I crossed a line which I know not fit
Now each day I die a little bit

An empty void replaces what I feel
Growing sadder and sadder, will I ever heal

From the feeling of love I felt for a friend

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Shiraaj
    This is very good, and it's say what I was met in my life. I try to say my love and then she stopped my friend ship and contact this poem should be good for her
  • chungsta
    this poem is very amazing it made me think and brought back memories of the past but yeah good poem
  • Chinenye
    this poem really means alot to alot of poeple, including me! all i want to really say is that this poem is SPLENDID!
  • monisha
    That poem brought a tear to my. That was a really nice poem. We all mistakes,so hang in there .
  • Carolina
    i really like this poem and i think this person might of writen this to say sorry to some one!
  • Hevinnah
    I REALLY WANT 2 SAY THAT THIS POEM IS FANTASTIC! I love it. This poem is the best poem that i ever reaD! - pe@ce-
  • Travis
    This is a bautiful poem keep writing
  • Emma
    i liked this poem. i will say this not to be mean are anything but if she was a ture friend she would come back she would know that you would rather have her close as a friend then than farfrom you at all. believe me i know i did the same thing.
  • Jimmy
    Hi, thanks for your good beautiful poem en it has really touched ma heart, just long to keep reading it continously. YOU ARE TO GOOD
  • jessica
    this poem is so cute is not funny because is true
  • Kelly
    That poem was so touching
  • Adriaan
    Wow , what can i say , im not alone in the way i feel, im going thru a difficult time right now after telling a very close friend how i feel , things have gone all haywire and is realy screwed up at this stage, i could look at the fact that i didnt receive any sort of a no answer to a relationship as a sign of hope , guess i'll only know for sure when the time is right , fanx the poem realy helped me in a way i cannot describe in words :-)
  • Spieges
    This poem was sooo sweet! Even though you crossed the line and now your relationship will never be the same, if you think about it even if you hadn't said anything to her and the relationship was the same to her, you would still have those feelings for her and to you it would never be the same. I don't know you or her, but i am sure she would have figured it out sooner or later on her own. you can't spend time with someone you care about without them seeing through you! that was a wonderful poem and i believe everything will work out. whether with her or someone else you will find the perfect one for you and if it is someone else, who knows, your friendship with her might return to normal. only time will tell, but you should definantly keep up writing!
  • joji
    inspiring words from hearts
  • morkli
    this poem is very touching. i want to buy it. it has really help me. love ya
  • metrea
    this pome is realy good I wish i could write pomes they way you do to real teel how you feel about this friend !
  • pavitr
    fantastic. after readin this one i really realizedi have lost some one one time whom i love,care very much
  • tejal
    hey i really did enjoy this poem that you wrote it really touch my heart i almost cried.
  • Jacky
    This poem is so great it makes me think of someone. I can really relate to it.
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