The pain of seeing someone you love hurt is the most unbearable pain of all. This poem describes the realization of that pain as I witnessed it first-hand, and the shock of discovering the pain had gone unnoticed for so long.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

Last Night
Last night
I watched a teardrop
slowly trace its way
across your lovely
It hovered a moment
at the tip of your nose
as if to tease me
and make me feel ashamed
for hurting you so badly.
Finally it broke itself free
and came to a rest
on your soft pillow
to join countless others
of its kind that I
never knew existed.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Heather
    I see a lot of comments about how readers have felt like the crier, which I think most people assume to be a woman. However, as a married woman (waiting at mindnight for her husband to come home from work on the dinner serving shift), I appreciate "his" acknowlegement of how she must feel. And, has felt many times before.
  • adriana
    This is something that is true because there arte many people that go trew these kinds of things these days.
  • Mylisaa
    This poem is very touching. Although its short, i loved it!
  • victoria
    well i was a very very very goood i lived it and i wanna be abel to writ like u
  • Danielle
    i really liked this poem, i touched me i many ways, so many hard to explain.
  • chtistina
    that is so sweet you touched inside of me! keep it up!
  • sasha
    wow. that is a really beautiful poem, im glad i have read it!
  • Dana
    I as a poet myself write about the same sort of feelings and I thought that it was very wonderfully written. I vote you get an A.
  • Laraine
    That was so beautiful. It made me really think
  • April
    i love your poem, its short but deep and it shows that you care.
  • iris
    the poem represents every girls suppressed emotions. i am once hurt by love and i couldnt cry. i dont know why. maybe because i was happy. that i experience such pain for then i know i trully love and that is such a wonderful feeling. crying and grief are mere representations. after such. we'll learn to move on and love again. and cry again. = )
  • crystal
    so touching it deserves an "A"
  • Charlotte
    I love the poem! If only my husband could see the pain in me. This is right on the nose.
  • Michelle
    I really liked it it reminds me of the fight I had with my boyfriend last night and now I know how much I love him thanyou Michelle
  • karen
    i really liked this poem. it had alot of meaning to it.
  • Renee
    love it
  • Renee
    OMG. this is the saddest thing I've ever read.
  • MARY
  • Alli
    The meaning behind the poem is very sweet and it reminds me of my relationship with my boyfriend. It's a sweet poem but it seemed like it ended to quickly. But it was cute!
  • skittlez
    this poem is really sweet! it reminds me of how i feel about the one i love and all those times ive caused him pain. you have a talent and it really needs to be heard! keep it up dude, id die 2 hear more!
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