This is a sensual, romantic poem addressing those who ask their partners, "Do you still love me?" The other partner may not say the actual words often, but feels that their actions should speak for them - a very common situation. In the poem, the partner who is asked the question explains why they feel they do not need words to express their love.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

And You Still Wonder
our eyes meet,
magnetic poetic,
your lips touch mine,
erotic electric,
arms encircle me,
euphoric idyllic,
together we,
synchronic rhythmic.

and you still wonder -
do I love you?

a query you should
never have to voice,
those words remaining within,
answered by tenderness of touch,
by sweet emotion,
by thoughts mirrored
in chestnut irises,
that brush softly across you,
painting images deep
within memory,
while this soul speaks to yours,
saying all the words
ever needing to be said.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • bianna
    it cool
  • Kristy-lee
    this is a great poem because i feel the exact same way. The man i love doesnt seem to understand that he is my soul mate. I showed him your poem and now he understands! Thankyou and hope the girl you wrote that poem to understands the depth of your love for her. She is a lucky woman. as am I.
  • melanie
    i lvoe this poem. it makes me think of my life. i wonder if my ex boyfriend still loves after all i did. i hope. i still love him too. :/
  • hannah
    i remember my lovelife in times i read your poems. its very nice. like now i'm alling in llove again. congratulations for our poem. thanks
  • Fizz
    Such. a Beautiful Poem.
  • ada
  • rhonna lheiy
    i have read the poem it's very nice and it touches me a lot. if i have to rate the poem its excellence
  • Kelsey
    Your poem painted a picture with words, I greatly enjoyed it. This poem is very ture in many relationships too. Thank you so much for sharing this poem, keep up the good work!
  • Maria
    Wow it's really beautiful and deep and very expressive. I love the flow of the poem very creative. hopefully the person it is dedicated to can really appreciate your worth someday!
  • guiseppina
    heyy aww i like this poem it is sooo cute do you even have a bf
  • Kelsi
    I loved this poem because it's often how my boyfriend feels. He always wonders if I still love him. and I say yes, but I wish I could say it in more ways than just "yes". So this poem definitley helped.
  • Sarita
    that was so good i almost cried
  • tara
    i love this poem b/c it reminds me of me and my ex-boyfirend, LOL
  • fabienne
    you've got my vote beautiful poem keep it up we need more soulful people like you!
  • Alison
    beautiful poem!
  • Bonnie
    The Pome is Good.
  • Maranda
    This poem is what I feel about my relationship.
  • cassandra
    your poem truly touched my heart
  • MARY
  • Jefferson
    We just broke up and the poem was just the best I can see. )
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