Wanting to capture the essence of a time of passion in an open meadow. And the continuing nature of love, the progression of feelings as well as the building of relationship. The nature of time counted as moon travel.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems - Erotic Poems

Meadow Again
Moon hangs, almost full
pieces of cloud scatter,
glide in soft, summer breeze.
We lay in our meadow
listening to the sound of night
her head nestled on my arm.

Night air made for kissing
dances upon our skin
chilling wherever is damp.
She stirs, quietly calls,
my name hangs on summer eve
floats about our meadow.

She sighs, moves closer
snuggling in, once again
her breath stirs, awakens.
Hands join in gentle caress
exploration shared and renewed
oh, so smooth and lovely.

We turn, lips meeting
slow, softly, delicate
building quickly to demand.
Crying out, beginning and end
collapsing, breathing ragged
moon hangs, slightly fuller.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Chameleon
    it captures the emotions of the writer, and in so doing, the write managed to give it poetic justice.
  • pat
    I love nature so I can feel this poem to my heart
  • Nyx
  • queen
    this poem is so sweet it reminds me of my lovely dear clerence. keep it up
  • Connie
  • Rachel
    Thank you. The poem was innocent (gentleness is good rest for the soul), did not take advantage, exploit, or assume. It made me cry, and crying was the release I needed after a summer without my love. Thank you.
  • Elvira
    I'm a strict judge, not anything is acceptable to me, but this is amazing and true art!
    this is the way it makes it so easy to find the right keep up the good work
  • Judy
    I met my soulmate online at a music site. He lives half of a world away. We fell in love. We have not met in person yet. Since this is new, we record our voices with a little music in the background and send it MP3. I decided to record poems of Love and passion. Passion is a new word to him that I had to explain because he is just learning English. I loved this one. Thank you for sharing it.
  • debbie
    i enjoyed that poem very much it was wonderfull
  • Jennah
    This was a beautiful poem and very well wrote
  • Jen
    I love the way the author captures the imtimate moments. Sensuous but not raunchy.
  • Muriel
    beautiful !
  • tom
    just so elequent, passionate, beautiful
  • KatieLyne
  • Jade
    This poem really touched me. I am doing A-Level English Literature at the minute, and reading this gave me the chance to look into it deeper than when you first read it. I basically untied the whole of the poem, and seen the deeper meaning of it. I believe this is one of the best written poems i have read to date.
  • Eric
    As soon as I read this it it reminded me of my girlfreind.
  • sam
  • fran
    that was the most sensual poem i have ever read. Keep up the good work
  • Maria
    this poem really touched me and you should post more of them
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