We all build up a fantasy of what the perfect person should be. As time goes on we realize that we live in a fantasy. Some are luckier than others to at least get a glimpse of their fantasy.

I've been fortunate to get that glimpse.

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

All my life I had built up a fantasy
of the perfect man.
Countless romance stories and fables
helped make that fantasy a reality in my mind.
Searching for that fantasy lead to many
Reality made it clear that there was no such man.
And as the years went by, the fantasy started
to fade away - until I met you.
I had almost given up on the fantasy until
my fantasy became reality,
that reality became you.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • chrystalle
    it's great! fantacies do come true. especially for those who waits and who believes in them.
  • LeAnna
    Hi, oh this poem is wonderful, something I wanted to tell someone and I just could not put in my own words. Really amazing how some people have this special gift to put feelings in paper and really touch lives of people all over the world. THANKS SO MUCH!
  • briliegh
    this is a very sweet peom i wrote some thing very similar but mine was about a dream guy but it used the same content in it i was very imperessed with the way your words just seem to flow this way and yours seem to actually be talking about some one some of mine i talk but it seems as if im talking to myself well i will let this come to an end bye now!
  • mahli
    i loved it cause i can relate to it, i did exactly what the poems says, i wished the right man would come and he did. I LOVE THIS POEM
  • phylicia
    am voteing for virgo because his poem has touched me in serious ways and i love the poem that virgo wrote because itz relating to me and this guy ui know
  • Judy
    nice flow
  • patrick
    It is so true, In my point of view too!
  • Melinda
    How true. Just when u have given up. and tell urself that a fantasy is just that. along comes ur fantasy. ty ki for coming into my life.
  • yvonne
    it makes me think thats there a guy out there for me i loves this poems!
  • misty
    this was very good i liked it alot.
  • Allison
    I really like this peoem, I can relate to this poem in alot of ways. It is so true!
  • Sherika
    I love this poem, it will otuch alot of people because it appears true to some.
  • Matthew
    Absolutely Amazing.
  • Tracey
    Excellent poem! it relates to my situation 100% Thankyou!
  • sweetness
    I loved this poem. It tells that we all have a fantasy waiting to come true.
  • Diamond
    i really like your poem it waz da hottness
  • Maria
    I love this poem. It explains exactly how I feel about my husband. I thought I would never find that special him, until He found Me.
  • Reyna
    Very Nice! I feel the exact same way with my boyfriend Daniel. He is my fantasy that became a reality!
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