This was written for the one and only true love of my life! It was our anniversary and time after time you are feeling so much love for that person, how can you convey what your heart feels?

This is my deepest thoughts of my love for him. Just when I thought I had ran out of words to say - the deepest part of my heart opened up and became this poem, which was a gift to him. For it was his love that brought my love to life!

This poem originally was published in Love Poems

The Depths Of My Love
Rivers of my love run deep,
Into the valleys of your heart,

Neither height, nor depth,
Nor mountains too wide,

Could show you,
The depths of my Love,

Way beyond the seas,
Throughout all eternity,

Could never show you,
The depths of my love,

Into the sun,
Far beyond the sky,

A thousand tears,
That I have cried,

Could never show you,
The depths of my love,

Forgiveness beyond measure,
Memories to treasure,

Love written as a lullaby,
Enchanted dreams of you and I,

Could never show you,
The depths of my love,

Miles and time,
Song and rhyme,

Money or gain,
life or pain,

Could never show you,
The depths of my love,

Loving me, embracing me,

Will show you the depths of my love.

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  • Kirstie
  • Monique
    I've never been able to find the words to describe just exactly how I feel about my boyfriend, but here I find this wonderful compellation of words and feelings. I've come to realize that with 'love' there aren't true words to trully tell someone just how much they mean to you. They closes you can come to doing that is just by saying ' I love you '
  • bb
  • rose
    love it! put chills down my spine.
    Ithink that this poem really touch my heart. I feel as if i can relate to it.
  • Janet
    This is a beautiful poem! It puts into words the feelings I share for the Love of my life. Thank you for such a beautiful poem!
  • Jeannie
    I thought this poem was a perfect anniversary poem, I am sending to my husband for our 20th anniversary because it says it all. You're very gifted, thank you for sharing this with all of us.
  • jasmine
    i really like this poem it was very different and i love poetry that talks about how deep someone's love is for another
  • Sri
    I cant say how much i love her poems. The beauty,the wind,the mystery is a poem i really love so much,that it feels like magic
  • michael
    this poem really touched me its exactly how i feel about my loved one thank you
  • Sara
    Very good sounds like you read my mind. It is perfect.
  • James
    very moving, i could see that as a love 'SONG' nice work. J'Arthur
  • Joyce
    I just found this poem and think it is wonderful. I have a collie named Penny and she is getting old and I miss the good times we had. ONE day, I will have to make the decision like this poem. I used the poem and send PENNY an ecard using the wonderful picture of the collie. It could be my dog. It looks so much like her. I worked with the e-cards and sent it to her, USING my email name. I will have it to read when she has to go. Thanks for the wonderful poem.
  • Kaylor
    This poem was great.
  • Denise
    yes, i really liked it. was very moving and so very very sweet
  • billy
    this is a masterpiece of words.
  • kiki
    oh my god! this poem is truely beautiful. i gave it to my boyfriend and he thought it was great. i love it! thank you!
  • Drew
    That was a beautiful poem. I know exactly how you feel I've been with my wife for 8 years and I always tell her I wish you could just feel how much love I have for you it's overpowering. Great job Millette, and happy belated anniversary.
  • shony
    This poem was so sweet i love it so much
  • R
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