This is a poem to make you appreciate your daddy.

I was very close to my father and I miss him very much. I wrote this on fathers day in 1993, the year after he died.

In Loving Memory Of My Daddy
William Randall Sartor

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

Happy Father's Day
Give 'em a hug, a great big kiss.
Because one day, he will be greatly missed.

My daddy has gone far away from this land,
I miss the precious touch of his loving hands.

I never knew last year was the last day,
I could look at my daddy, hug him, and say:
"I love you, Daddy! Happy Father's Day!"

Don't let one day go by without telling him
how dear he is!
Remember you may not have another year to tell him this!

All I have now is great memories, a heart
full of love and eyes full of tears, and
to remember his love throughout the years.

Now I will have to look up at the stars and
say, "I love you, Daddy! Happy Father's Day!"

Please remember when you pray, to thank your
heavenly father up above.
For your father he gave you with so much love.

"He lived, for Jesus died;
He died, for Jesus Lives."

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  • marelyn
    verry touching i agree
  • Cammy
    Thank you for shareing this peoms. Last year I had my dad with me on Father's day, and a month later he was gone. Now I don't have him this year, and I miss him so much. You never know the miss of someone you love until they are gone. Life is short, and we never know when our time is up to close our eyes in death, the main thing is be ready to go, Don't be caught dead without Jesus in your life. My dad was a great man of God, and I know Dad is rejoicing in heaven, and Someday we will be together again. Our family circle might be broken here on earth, but oneday we will have a family union in heaven.
  • Deborah
    I really liked this poem. I lost my Father,Dad seven years ago on May 15,1999. It still feels like yesterday. People would tell me it will get easier through time I don't believe it gets any easier you just learn to live with the emptiest you have. My dad and I were very close,He was my HERO. Yes,I liked this poem so much I actually read it several times. Keep up the work.
  • Rodena
    I really liked this peom My son lost his father 2 months and 1 day before he was born. due to driving drunk sad to say I feel bad because my son (who is 3 1/2 months old now)will never have that chance to tell his father anything so this really touched me and and made me cry
  • liam and beth
    this is a beautyiful poem our daddy died on the 6th of march and we are going to read this poem at his funerial thank you from liam and beth x
  • alaina
    i lost my dad sat to lung cancer. it now tue im lookin for help with a peom to read out on thursday and yours was lovely
  • DAWN
    This poem really touched my heart. My father pastaway this past May. I never got to tell my father "Happy Father's Day. " There was no goodbye's. I hurt everyday because I never got to tell him how much I love him.
  • katie
    thank you for writing this poem. my parents got a divorce 5 years ago and i live with my mom but my dad was my best friend and i always look forward to the summer and christmas and spring break that i got to see him but for a daddys girl i really missed him even when i was going to see him in 2 months or something but my dad died on may 24 2006 and when i got home from the last day of school i was going upstair to pack my bags because i was going to see my dad the next day and my mom stop me up the stair and told me that he died of a massive heart attack that morning and i cried for days and it has been over two months since he has pasted and i still cry everyday. but you poem really help me even tho i cried when i was reading it. thank you so much. ox katie
  • Brynn
    I think that this poem says alot, I also lost my dad it will be 5 years in August and still to this day it is very hard to handle. For some reason this year it is hitting me pretty hard. I tell me husband all the time especially on Father's Day that he really needs to let is father know just how much he means to him. That not only goes for my husband, everybody needs to let their father know just how much they mean, and enjoy them while you have them because you never know just how much longer they will be around.
  • DeeDee
    This poem reminded me so much of my father and the love that I still have for him 25 years after his death. Thank you so much!
  • elisa
    i luv this poem so much it made me cry it reminds my off all the people that dont have a father and lets me appritiate mine.
  • Kara
    this poem touches me because i lost my father last year and i was very depressed and i still am. i love him very much and miss him. reading ur poem helped me think of the good times we shared together. thank u
  • Ann
    I loved this poem I lost my dad will be a year in june i never got to say bye I grew up in scotland and moved to the states so i didnt really get to see him that much but we talked on the phone almost every day I miss him so much thanks for sharing this poem
  • michelle
    the poem was great
  • Jolene
    I strongly feel that this poem is the one Father's Day poem which would cause many who still have their fathers alive and well to be grateful that they are still around. In spite of the stubborn stereotypes surrounding fatherhood (and fathers, in general), I believe that this poem speaks the truth about the importance of the father in the family. Such an acknowledgment of fathers is terribly long-overdue!
  • Tiffany
    Thank you so much for the poem. it really touched me i lost my father 6 months ago very unexpected. my son was due three weeks later, his first grandchild. we was so excited. i miss him so much.
  • emma-louise
    i lost ma dad wen i wis a litto gurl n i reeli miss um n i eva new tht wis goin 2 b his last day i reeli miss him!n i hink this poem was reeli good and troo
  • kim
    this is a good poem i lost my dad in 2003 and i never got to say goodbye to him . do you got a book of poems .
  • katlynn
    this poem was very sad .
  • diane
    That was the sadest poem I have ever heard and like I said for another poem you took the words right out of my mouth. Ya see I just lost my dad five months ago. Actually today my class made faters day cards and its really hard to not be able to perticipate. Thank u for letting me read your poem.
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