I was abused as a young child. Even though it has been four years since the abuse ended, the pain is still fresh in my memory. Writing this poem has served as a way to let out all of the pain and grief stored inside of me.

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Never Forgotten
I was only eight when it began
Late at night, when I was alone.
You preyed on my innocence and my trust.
How did I know that it was wrong?

You did things so horrible to me,
My soul and body were bared.
What you did to that little girl
Left me feeling alone and scared.

You said it was to show your love
By taking my body for your use.
But now I know that what happened to me
Wasn't love; it was abuse.

All the dirty things you did to me
Won't wash away with rain.
Nothing on earth will rid my heart
Of this neverending pain.

I hope that you hurt as much as I do,
Or do you even remember what you did?
Nothing will make up for the pain you caused
When I was just a kid.

The physical scars you put on my body
Have since healed with time.
But my pain still shows on the outside
Whenever the child inside of me starts to cry.

That little eight year old girl
Had to grow up way too soon.
And all of the hurt and pain that you have caused
Will always be remembered, like a flower that forever blooms.

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  • Cathy
    i loved this poem becuz its so true
  • Rich
    As a male reading this poem i fear for all those little girls now this moment as i type that are continually abused, raped or beaten ! I am ashamed as I read this to be a part of the male species. I am a person who keeps my feelings deep down and for once this poems truth and sadness seeped through every word! i hate to say well done on the poem because the topic is extremely saddening. Good luck girl and remember the healing starts with the first acceptance you have been abused then will be there forever its how you cope with the pain! Good luck I admire you and all the girls who have commented and have been abused!
  • Margo
    This poem brought tears to my eyes. This happened to me and it reminded me of innocence lost at the hands of adults who portray Love in a unjust way. It is hard to not remember and to forget the pain that one goes through when they are violated and hurt in many ways. I appauld the person who wrote this poem because it certainly speaks to the heart and soul.
  • kelli
    very touching it made me cry w/ptsd you see it happend to me. thanks i felted it! kelli. " GREAT " I LOVED IT .
  • Steven
  • Elizabeth
    Yor poem was amazing and it really touched me. I was abused by a friends family member for 2 years. You have so much courage i wish i could have told someone but its two late for me know, the person who did this to me is very sick and dying in China or so my friend tells me. i was nine and im 14 now i still have trouble sleeping at night.
  • chaz
    thank you for such a great poem. It made me cry. I still hold the pain from when i was abused 8-13 years old. I am 20 now and it still hurts
  • Michelle
    It was good for u to let out ur feelings to others that have been in this situation im sure people hurt and can never get over what happened to them. It is a nasty thing for someone to do but it happens and that person will pay for it, maybe not as soon as u want it but it will
  • clara
    your poems had alot of emotion it touch me very much because i understand the feeling of the poem
  • alyssa
    im so sorry this happened to u. i am so glad i never went through something like this. but, it is not ur fault its his, u shouldnt punish urself he should be punished for being a sick pervert.
  • verda
    i really do vote for this poem because it was really awsome and very moving to me thanks for sharing this poem with everyone else
  • ashley
    I am using this poem in my english class we have to take a poem and share it by memory it has touched me in a way that no one els can understand i was abused from the age of 1 to 13 i am 14 know the poem fits my life very well it is a great poem use if for all you can
  • jade
    hey kristin, your poem was beautiful i am now still currently going through the same thing it started when i was 9 and is still happening (im 14). even thought i don't know you im proud of you because you can talk about it and you've achieved more than words can describe, thanks for writing that poem, jade
  • AnMarie
    I really agree with you when you said that poem, if you really wrote it, its wonderful it actually happened to me by my father too. it was horrible, if you want to knwo what happened to my father, hes in prison for 44 year. THank you i love your poem, thank you
  • Brianna
    this was a very emotional poem even though ive never experienced this i can feel only a mere part of what u had to go through so im sorry but keep writin because i know for me it helps me relieve alot of my problems and it helps me realize that im not the only one who has gone through some of the stuff i have
  • annabel
    Your poem really touch me in more ways then one and i want to thank you. Annabel
  • leah
    i have held in thoughts and feelings for years about the same thing. this is the first time i have ever seen anyone wrote exactly how i felt. i am sorry if this is a true poem. it really is a hard thing to deal with. i was only 4.
  • Adrainna
    I know how you feel. I was raped and its the most horrible thing that any person to do on a child. And you were only 8. I was 13 whan it happend to me. We were so young. It still haunts me. You just gotta be strong. I love your poem. I can really relate to it. Writeing poems is a good way do let some of your anger and sadness out. Never give up!
  • Heather
    This poem touched me because the same thing happened to me when I was 10 tears old my stepdad raped and beat me and this poem reminds me that i'm not alone the poem was great.
  • chrissy
    it touch my heart because the same thing happen to me i wasnt strong enough to tell anyone i though it was my fault now i no it wasnt it was his and he s a sick person
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