I sometimes write about my life's experiences. Sometimes I write to attempt to experience the lives of others. Screams is an attempt to journey into thoughts of depression and isolation.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Depression and Suicide Poems

Screams Of Silence
Begone ye screams of silence, harbingers of pain
Cloaked in isolation, you mock in harsh disdain
My soul is torn asunder, I curse you, God of Hell
As you pierced my tortured soul, what horrors I befell.
You spoke of quiet solitude, to tempt me to your lair
Then lanced me in my troubled heart, to depths of dark despair
Nemesis, I beg of thee, rise up in righteous ire
Protect me from Tisiphone, from Hell's eternal fire
With all my voice I scream to you, protect me from the night
Alas, in forlorn desperation, I journey to the light
Banished to mind's Coventry, I heed the demon's call
Beckoned by the silent screams, I enter Dante's hall.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Brittany
    That was really good!Ive felt like that a million times!But i hope you can feel better! I loved this poem alot.
  • Emily
    That is incredible. You truly are very gifted. I read every line of your poem, and it mirrored my own shattered soul. Good job!
  • shawna
    That poem reminded me of my life. I just wanted to say your a great poeter
  • noone.
    I love this poem. Very Old English-like style. I enjoyed reading the text and I do understand the concept behind the writing. love, Owlite.
  • Lela
    i loved the poem and the way u wrote it plz keep on writing! -another depressed chic
  • cody
    WOW a really good poem 10/10
  • Ember
    Beautiful. amazing talent!
    this poem is really great i felt like u read my mind by writing it
  • kindra
    that rocked
  • laura
    omg that really spoke 2 me, it cheered me up a little bit from all the taunts and hatredof life, even though i dnt fink the poems ment 2 make u feel happy.
  • Rob
    This poem spoke volumes to me. It was like you knew exactly how I feel. I have to say I am astonished but how it connected to me so deeply.
    This poem is so lovely. one of the best i have read, keep up the good work . i enjoy ur poems heaps mwahhh
  • Melanie
    oh my god this is poem is. imspeechless i really love this poem! it has so much meaning and it's super emotional. i understand your poem completly. !
  • Pam
    Wow! This is an awesome poem.
  • cheryl
    wow this is really good, so deep and meaningful
  • kyle
    this peom made me cry i fell your pain
  • Donna
    hi, i love this poem. i can relate it to myself. it's great!
  • michael
    that was great 10/10
  • jessica
    this is a very good poem an i can really relate.
  • omee
    yeah. this poem would e good for someone who reads the bibble every day, like me. i can actually understand what this person is trying to say. i don't know if you can. but i can, and it touches me. i like this poem as many others do i like also.
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