My parents had the horrible experience of losing a daughter. This meant, of course, that I lost a sister. I grew up with a huge feeling of loss. It wasn't until I became a mother four months ago that I realized what losing a child could mean. I couldn't imagine losing my daughter. I wrote this poem for my mom to help validate her feelings of loss. She is such a wonderful mother and grandmother. She sacrificed her time to grieve to make sure that I was all right. Now it is her turn.

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I Buried My Daughter Today
I buried my daughter today
My soul burns red with pain
No longer will I touch her face
Or caress her skin again

I buried my daughter today
God, what have I done wrong
To have her stolen from my arms
When my faith in you was strong

I buried my daughter today
Thank God I have another
I couldn't walk this path alone
Every breath is a struggle

I buried my daughter today
She was just a bit past three
Searing, ripping, tearing ache
My emotions overcome me

My other now a mother this eve
To God above, how I pray
These words by her not repeated
I buried my daughter today

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  • april
    i lost my daughter on march 13 2007 she would've been 4 this november, i feel for all mothers who go through this pain and i wish all others knew how precious the time they have with their children is. if it wasn't for my other daughter and my newborn son i don't think the days would even be bearable.
  • Terry
    I had a daughter that died at the age of three also, so this poem really touched me.
  • averyale
    hello. im sorry dat u lost ur daughter. i just lost my baby girl. she was 3 months old. i dont kno how to go on. she past 8/31/07. i name her Reine(Rain). its french for queen.
  • Monica
    I have three daughters and I can't imagen loosing one, I would go crazy, and admire your strenght. I just last my faher a couple a months ago. When one looses their parents their orphanage, when you loose a husband your a widow, but what do you call somebody who lost a child, a son, or daughter? There is no name, so there is no discription of how you must have felt. I am truly sorry for your loss.
  • stephanie
    this poem i love it my daughter passed away june 7,007 she will be a years old the15th august miss her so much she drowned it been very hard for us this poem just touched me she was only 9 months old i have wonderful picture of her she was full of life alway smiled and just made us laugh our angel she was only 4 pounds at birh but she grew so fast me her so much this poem is wonder full i miss her so sorry for your loss i feel the pain god bless you
  • Starr
    It's sad to say you love a poem like this, But I did. It's all to true. I lost my youngest daughter 7 months ago. And I felt all of this and more. Starr
  • Stephanie
    My daughter passed away on Feb. 14, 2007 she was 13 months old. I talked to her just 20 minutes before it happened. I got the call and made it to the daycare before the Ambulance got there. I had taken EMT classes just in case one of my kids needed help. When I started CPR on her I knew it was too late. She had eaten lunch right before I talked to her and the babysitter called me to let me talk to her before she layed down for a nap. She went to sleep and the babysitter went to wash dishes. Ten minutes later she checked on her and she was already blue. My daughter had thrown up in her sleep and sucked it down her lungs and they colapsed killing her instantly.
  • Katie
    This poem reminds me of Margret. Marg was the den mom for one of my sports teams. You couldn't play with her kids without feeling loved by her. Her world was shattered in 2001 when her oldest daughter was killed at the age of 16. I was 12 at the time and I couldn't understand what her family was going though. This poem make some sense of what Chealsey's family what and still is feeling. Thank you.
  • susan
    Andrea your poem reflected the painful condition of my heart now. I lost my 13 year old daughter two years ago. It was the most horrible experience I had. Reading every words in your poem gave me a better understanding of how I will face life again. I can feel she is comforting me in time of distress and helping me to continue living with my other older daughter and loving husband, the two remaining people close to my heart. I thank God for showing me that I have not lost her. A piece of my heart was gone for a moment, but I got it back with the realization that she will be watching over me from now on. She is a special child, a perfect angel
  • cherise
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this poem. I buried my first and only child. My Daughter on March 19,2005. She was 1 hour old. She was born 4 mo0nths early. It is the hardest thing a mother will ever have to do. This poem touched my heart in a very special way.
  • Piet
    My grandson died yesterday 18 hours after birth. He will be buried soon.
  • Taylor
    Very touching. I love this poem but its so sad and deppressing. well got to go read more poems ill get back to you later hope you feel better how sad . she will always be with you in your dreams and your soul and in your mind. i love you with everything i have left. With care taylor
  • lisa
    i think that poem was from the heart, and i know what its like to burie a daughter thank you
  • Samantha
    This poem touched me more than anything else in this world. I had to bury my daughter a few months ago. She was only 3mths. If it wasn't for my other daughter. I don't think I could go on. She's the only one that keeps me going day to day.
  • wendy
    it was very touching. my daugther will be doing what the poem says soon.
  • Dusti
    This poem was very good. I feel the emotin And the pain I lost my daughter three months ago. And its so hard every day to belive she is gone and I'll never see her again sometimes I'll catch my self wonting to buy her things everyday in my mind,heart,soul is soo hard Somedays all I want to do is cry. But i have to be strong for my other daughter. R. I. P Abigail Eliane Rhonemus 1-17-04 ~ 6-28-06 Mommy,Daddy and sissy miss you Princess
  • E
    this touched my heart b/c my mom died to years ago i was 10 years old it broke my heart one day she was there the next she was gone it sux
  • lynn
    I just want to say this poem has realy touched my heart My baby sister and her baby both dieded in Child birth 20 years ago and I still think about her every day and your poem just hit the spot
  • angie
    i like ur pome it was nice i lost my at 3mons ty i felt it
  • Sandie
    I thought the poem was great - The pain of Death of a loved one can't be totally expressed by words alone - but this is a good try -
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