I wrote this poem five years after my grandfather died. It describes my memories, my pain, and my acceptance of him and his death. The poem has extreme sentimental value to me and I hope that it helps someone else cope with the loss of a loved one.

Dedicated to my Grandpa Tudsie who passed away November 1, 1993. I loved him very, very much and this poem expresses my feelings towards him.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

Growing up you were always there
Each and every day showing me that you cared.

Spoiling me every chance that you had.
Letting me know that is okay to be sad.

After school, you checked on us day after day,
Listening to every word we had to say.

Each moment we spent together
Will be special to me forever.

Days spent shopping or mowing
Were as precious as when it was snowing.

My best memories are those at the time of year
When we decorated for Christmas with care.

The family would gather to feast
Which now happens the least.

Christmas magic soared through the air
While you taught me how to share.

Thirteen years I kept you in my sight.
Now all I can do is hold the memories tight.

The day your soul drifted high
My heart knew, and all I could do was cry.

A half hour later, I was pulled out of class
To find my mom in a state of distress.

When my eyes met hers.
We both broke down into tears.

I have spent five years trying to put it in my past
And now in college I have come to peace with it at last.

A part of my heart left with you.
The part that told me what to do.

Once at college, I became confused and lost.
I went to the church where God I sought.

God told me something I did not know.
I have your hand on my shoulder telling me where to go.

I once thought the part of me that went with you
Was lost forever and would not be put to good use.

I now realize that I never lost part of my soul.
I simply shared it with you to keep us whole.

You watched over me while you were here
And I know that you will watch over me from up there.

Grandpa, to me you meant the world.
Now with you I can live in the world.

A sign of Christmas and peace is the dove.
You taught me that to have peace one must have love.

Therefore with love one can have peace.
Together, we will indulge in life - God's feast.

My love for you, Grandpa, will soon project
Into the love you will help me use to protect.

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  • Timothy
    I give this poem a ten, because i just love it. my grandpa just died a few months ago and guess what. I'm 13
  • Kirsty
    I liked this poem it brought a tears to my eyes it remind me of the way me of the way i was wen i first new my Grandad had left me i neva got the chance to do or say wot i wanted to say to my Grandad only if time could be turned around
  • Tabby Anne
    I just want to say that on Tuesday Morning at seven o'clock, my grandpa died, and it was my first day of school. My grandma wouldn't tell my mom or I because it would spoil my first day. So, after school when I found out, I kinda knew already, because, I went to there house, he was at the hospital, and my aunt uncle and all my cousins were there. I saw that the local funeral home had called her. I knew then. She was with my dad making arrangments for the funeral. This poem meant so much to me. I am eleven years old and my grandpa was seventy-eight. He had other children and grandchildren, but I lived ten minutes away and they live an hour. He was so special to me. Whenever I had a problem, he would read the Bible and say a quick prayer with me. He was my rock. And still is. I love him so much. Thanks for this poem and have may God bless you dearly in your life.
  • vanity
    i lost my grandfather two years ago and it has been very trying. your poem was very touching and emotional to me. it made me think of all the blessings he gave me during my life. thank you for the chance to read your poem. i give it ten!
  • Jus
    I just want to say this is a very touching poem. I love this one. My grandpa just passed away in septemeber. I give this poem a 10. This poem is great.
  • kyla
    this poem has touched me alot because all that stuff has happened to me and my papa. my papa passed away yesterday at 10:00, july 7/07 saturday. straight sevens. seventh month, seventh number, seventh year, and seventh day of the week. this was the best poem i have ever read. bye!
  • Shay
    I was on here just looking for a poems about grandpa's and came across yours. See my peapa just passed away 6/24/2007 I'm inTx and didnt have the money to go see him when we first found out he wasnt going to make it, then I gt the call two day's later he had went to be with his mother and father and son who went before him, When I got the call it was like my life just stop for my peapa was everything to me but I know he's with the one's he so long waited to see again and he will forever be in my heart. I love you peapa and miss you already.
  • kathy
    I think that u did an excellent job on this poem. ill give u a 10. outta 10
  • jazz
    omg i loved this poem it was so sad it has been3 years almost 4 since mine has died i know he is here 4 me but it is still hard i can stll feel his love but now my heart is broken and he is not here to repair it
  • becca
    this made me cry so much i lost my pop on february 2 2002 and it is now 5years and it still feels as real as it was that day,, ur poem really touched me
  • Katie
    I was 12 when my grandpa died. Its been 7 years and and I still think about him every day. I can't be in their house (grandpa and grandma's) without thinking of him and everything he did. I can relate to every word in this poem. Thank you.
  • Brittney
    Hii. your poem touched me alot. my grandpa had a massive heart attack yesterday on his vacation in florida. he was without oxygen for 20 minutes and was put on a ventalator to make his heart pump. today they took him off. i havent heard anymore. my grnadma is still by his side in florida. and my aunt is gone to help. my mom and my family will be at the airport to get her. this is horrible. hes to young and hes the best. i miss him terribly
  • Gemma
    I lost my grandpa when i was12 turning 13 in year 6. i also lost my best friends Dog Benny when i was 5 years old and i was very close to the dog. and i also lost my nighbours cat Doofy 2 days before xmas it was in 2005 it was very sad and now i am 15 turing 16 in july and i am still cry when i hear there names. the song Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne it makes me so sad. the day after my grandpa died i was a school and i had the most hardest times ever
  • austin
    i love the poem. hey i lost my grandpaw 3 years ago. when i was nine. though you would think i didnt have a great relationship with him because i was young. well i did. but my grandpaw was my best friend,but on a thursday i lost him when my dad stared into my eyes and didnt know how to say it. i cryed till i cryed dryed tears. i knew that he would never be there again. that day i lost a best friend,a grandpaw, and my savior. and may god be with you and to all who loses the ones they love. god bless ya'll. i liked your poem it touched me.
  • melissa
    very nice poem. u touched my heart. i feel so empty coz my grandpa had died today and with this poem u have given me a little bit of courage well done.
  • Ariell
    This poem I found was very heart warming and comforting. It has now been 12 years since my Grandpa passed away and reading this poem really does explain a grandpa is a treasure a diamond in the rough. Thank you to the author for this poem it will help other young teens who have lost their grandpas to help them deal with their grief
  • Amanda
    I lost my Great-Grandpa in November and i am having a very,very hard time dealing with it! i cried every singe day for 3 monthas after he died and im just now gettin to the point where i cry maybe every other day. im learning to deal with the situation by telling myself "he's waitin on me" and "i'll see him again" and i thank the author for her amazing work! i can relate to this poem so much and it really helps!
  • delfina
    I like the poem. It touch my heart. I just recently lost my grandpa. Whose has been a great example to our family. He fight to the very end. But, the ill was to strong. He will be miss.
  • Samantha
    i realy like your poem because it reminds me of my g-pa and he died a month ago.
  • Amy
    i cant stop crying. thats exactly how i felt! my grandpa died two years ago. i miss him so much. your poem was great. xx
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