How many times have you heard someone say, "if I could only have said goodbye?" This is that final goodbye that the soul is missing.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

Goodbye At Last
Saying goodbye is never easy
It's the hardest thing to do
But what hurts even more
Is not the chance to say it to you.

Yesterday is just a memory
Our laughter was sunny and bright
Then clouds started to gather
For you were no where in sight.

You were my first real love
And this I will never forget
How you left without a warning
No good-byes, my only regret.

Wherever I may be now
Always searching for another so true
To place my world of emotion
Handing my love to someone like you.

If again I must go there
And experience all the pain
I would do it in a minute
For all the good I would gain.

No matter what my wrongs
You offered only love
Until the day you left me
For your new home up above.

I know you still are with me
Your love is within my heart
Though life is no longer present
Our souls will never part.

This is given to you in honor
Of all that we did share
I just wanted you to know, dear,
How much I really did care.

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  • Bethann
    I really loved this poem, I just lost my boyfreind of 3 years and my best freind in the same car accident on Aug 13,2007. I don't even know how to get threw this right now, I am so heartbroken. God took my two main men away from me and I am just so lostt without them.
  • linda
    Hi I loved your poem. I lost my husband in march and it was hard. I did have the opertunity to say good bye. The hard part was watching him pass away, knowing there was nathing I could do. I live that morning every day. I still am thankful than I was able to say goodbye even though it was heart breaking. Your poem in so many ways was how I felt about him and how I will always feel. Thankyou for allowing mw to read it. It is the most beautiful poem I have ever read and I could tell that when you bwrote it that it was coming from a loving heart that I am sure you have . Best wishes to you
  • Karen
    I really loved this poem! It touched my heart deeply. I lost my boyfriend in Feb 2007. I never understood why god has taken him away. You are a great writer and i encourge you to keep it up! Again, oustanding job!
  • Carlos
    I been preparing to say goodbye, in many ways, but is been difficult this time it help me, to prepare myself for my heavenly life with God!
  • daphny
    you a great poem writer i'll give you a 100 you rock sorry about your friend.
  • Yazmin
    A beautiful poem, i lost my husband and i couldn't say goobbye to him, with your words, you share the same feeling, thank you.
  • Jennifer
    Thank you for this poem. I just lost my best friend and would have been soon to be husband just yesterday. Being only 24 and loosing the man that I was going to spend the rest of my life with, I am not even able to type this without tears streaming down my face. This is the first poem that I have read that truly expresses what I am feeling inside. Thank you
  • Darria
    i understand exactly how you feel i lost my brother in a shooting on friday the 13th. i havnt seen him since i was like 5 and i wish we never spent all that time apart. ="(
  • Shantel
    Your poem touched me deep inside. Recentley I had one of my best friends pass away. He was only 14. I never got to say goodbye. It was devistating. I am only 13 and I think this is one of the most hardest things I will face in my entire life. I miss you Derrick.
  • Terri
    This poem hit close to home. I lost the love of my life and I never got to say goodbye. That is the one thing that still bothers me 4 and half years later. Great poem.
  • Carly
    Very beautiful. My friend took her life last Christmas and I never had the chance to say goodbye. This poem is exactly what I was feeling in my heart.
  • Debbie
    After reading other poems I thought several were good but this still brought so many memories back. Thanks,Debbie
  • Debbie
    I lost my father 3 years ago 10-21-06, to cancer and I was looking for a few words to put with his picture in our local paper and this poem really touched my heart. This is my first time to this sight, and after reading your poem I will be looking for further poems that bring peace to my heart as this one did. Thanks!
  • Connie
    I lost my best friend to suicide and wasn't there when it happened, never got a chance to say goodbye, this was beautiful. Thanks
  • kalie
    This poem really touched me i lost my nan about 6-7 years ago i knew she was in hospital and my mum and dad didnt want me to see her like that because it will make me upset but what hurts me the most is i didnt get the chance to say goodbye. love you nan xx
  • Doniqua
    i really liked that poem
  • Jamie
    I think it was beautiful it gave me words on how I felt about my boyfriend who died July of this year. Thanks for an awesome poem that put the words I would have liked to have wrote.
  • Morgan
    i lost my best friend almost one year ago, it was the day before his 21st bday and you wrote exactly how i feel. Im glad im not alone.
  • fatima
    it is very touching
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