It is descriptive of the way I feel every day when I wake up.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Depression and Suicide Poems

And so it came to be
this isolation that I am
I can only look to me
to find the way it all began -
this confusion, constant
hunger for something more than this
I strive to find this being
that I envision, yet seem to miss.
Could it be that I am empty-
or maybe a little lost?
Could it be that I am lonely,
or seek happiness at any cost?
This never-ending Something
that I am living deep inside,
depicts the illusion of myself
and all I have to hide.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • vicki
    thai is so asome and two thumbs up gurl your doing great i uesd to write pomes until i stared to do drugs. than drugs became a big part of my life
  • Shaundra
    I give this poem a seven out of ten. I tend to grade harshly, so that is saying something. You are an excellent writer and you style resembles that of Emily Dickenson. Keep up the good work.
  • Eleni
    This poem is freaking awsom!
  • lori
    your words made tears come to my eyes. i feel the same way. and i have yet found a way to relieve myself of these feelings . if you have found something that helps please let me know.
  • margarita
    i loved ur poem i know wat u must be going through its exactly how i feel
  • Joao
    Sometimes in life we have a moment of reflexion. this poem says it all.
  • tyrenza
    This poem is great you identify all the feelings many youth like myself feel but are afraid to express. KEEP WRITING YOU HAVE A GIFT!
  • krista
    hey that is a good poem i kno how u feel
  • Carol
    I love this poems for the same reason it was wrote
  • larissa
    this should get 10 votes cause it is goooooooooooooooooooood
  • Leticia
    This poems is very deep and shows clearly what one feels inside in true life. Most people can relate and this poems states the reality or the real world.
  • Rio
    This poem was great and I think it captured one of the biggest forms of depression. Personally, the kind I have been dealing with for 2 and a half years.
  • Charles
    This was a great poem and it really touched me. I have felt like the poem for so many years.
  • ilona
    ey gud poem n i hope u get rid of dat pain u wake up to everyday . be strong
  • Keri
    This poem describes exactly how I feel every minute of every day. I have always had a hard time expressing how I feel in words and in writing, but this. is it. You did a great job of writing this poem. Thanks
  • Hippie
    Iloved the poem, it was deep and I think it really relates to everyone at one point or another. I now it really touched me. And I also want to say Rest in Peace Alyssa, I will miss you, and so will everyone who's ever met you
  • Chris
    Thank you for this poem. It touched my heart and soul. It seems as if you wote it for me.
  • crystal
    this poem really touched me. it reminds me so much of myself, i do hide, and yet i dont know how to not
  • Kevin
    I relate to this poem a lot cause a lot of times I feel empty and Im searching to make me feel complete.
  • Brooke
    This poem touched me. (I suffer from depserion. ) It made me feel like there are other people out there that feel the same way that I do. Keep on writing.
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