Insecurities get the best of some. I'm afraid I'm one. We can waste a lot of time feeling insecure. Trust me, life doesn't have to be so gray.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Depression and Suicide Poems

Alone Again
Four o'clock in the morning
Afraid to open my eyes
Another day of grief,
A day of fear.
All alone I feel.
I try to justify all the pain,
All of this guilt before my eyes.
Another day of confusion,
A day of wondering.
Is it ever just going to go away?
All this pain that I feel,
And all this anger, is it going to stay?

Ten o'clock in the evening,
Afraid of the nightmares.
Again my breathing stops.
All I can do is stare into the night.
What is it that causes this feeling?
Another night of crying,
A night of hiding,
Alone once again.
My heart feels empty,
And I can't cry another tear.
Another day wasted on insecurity,
A day of wonder.
Is this ever going to end?

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  • kunal
    tears rolled down from my eyes when i read this poem. I so sympathize with the emotions expressed in your poem.
  • vickie
    It the way I feel this and still am depresse and I feel emepty! so I like this poems and hope all well
  • Amanda
    omg thank you for writing this poem this is exactly how i feel. for i am filled with anger and pain, and i do cry myself to sleep. i have struggled with cutting and still am i only wish i cou7ld get help before it is to late for me. this poem is so much like me i have printed it off and shared it with my school councler. THANK YOU!
  • nat
    this is a gr8 poem xx
  • jesska
    Omg this poem WOW it was just awesome as i cant belive how well you have done aye well i know something and i knwo that it was brilliant and it made me feel liek iw asnt alone for that whole second in a half and i would really love to hear soem toher poemss that you have to share if ouy have any others lolz
  • ME
    This poem shocked me it is what i go through every day and night the fear of it never ending i suffer from panic disorder and much more and i feel so alone this poem is me to a T.
  • Saul
    I thought this was a very touching poem. I feel exactly like this everyday. So that's why I really liked it. GREAT JOB!
  • paige
    shellie- you have told my story this is how i feel every day. thank you for writing this poem it has not lonly touched my heart it tells me im not alone and alot of other people feel the same way keep up the great work!
  • TJ
    This poem related to me in so many ways, when i broke up with my best friend. I was so alone so depressed, so cold each day was another day of hiding the grieve and fear i felt inside and my nights were filled with crying. crying in the dark unable to get to sleep until the early hours of the morning, until i had cried myself out so much my eyes stung. then i would have to get up and get ready for school. breaking up with my bestie was worse than losing someone through death because i had to see her at school. Only my sister who has suffered depression before understood how i felt. My parents thought i was just being a hormonal teenager, but my sister knew it was beyond that, this poem was exactly the way i felt, thank you for an excellent poem
  • kaitlyn
    This poem really touched my heart and i no everyone sayd that about a poem but this one really meant something to me i'v been goingt hrough a really hard time with my family and i'v lost some really important people to me this poem says exactly how I feel every day waking up and knowing its going to be just another day that i must sufer through trying to hide the pain and anger. thank you soo much for this great peom it means alot
  • Binni
    This was a good poem.
  • cheyenne
  • Sammi
    omg! this is the best poem i have heard in ages! it is so real!
  • Jami
    This is a really good poem. It describs excately how i feel. Keep up the good work
  • Iva
    i know how that feels i go through it almost every day
  • nightingale
    I completely understand how you feel waking up and feelking disappointment that your still here to face a stressful day, but you shudn't feel this way, your sooooo worth it , i luved your poem.
  • michaela
    that was a awsome poem very clear and to the poin i think u should be pro i love it
  • juanita
    it describes exasctly how i am feeling right now, i like it.
  • lele
    this poem is good i will gave it 9
  • sonja
    hey i feel you this is just like me i cry all the time at night because i have no one to lean on and i have no one to talk to about my feelings.
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