Well my cousin was killed by drunk driving kids last year when she was 19. After her funeral I came home and sat down and began to write this poem called "Who Would Know"

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Who Would Know
Who would know these kids were drunk
driving in our town?
I was coming out of the parking lot,
they hit me, I spun around.

All of a sudden my short life flashed
before my hurting eyes.
I started thinking about all the fun
I had with mom, dad, and the guys.
Then I hear the siren guy say there is no chance -
She will die, I also felt my spirit go up into the sky.

Why does my family have to suffer,
for something they didn't do?
I just pulled out of a parking lot and now my life is through.

I am only 19 years old now,
my family's life is going to shatter,
and the civil case will not matter.
The expense of my funeral will bring them down,
me lying in a casket,
my family and friends all on the ground.

Just because those kids thought they were cool,
drinking and driving in my town.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Corey
    this was sad
  • lissa
    my little sis was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver 6 tears ago everyday it seems harder to bear we knew the person in the other car. i wish more people would think about others
  • Leighanne
    I liked this poem because at my High School we did and "Every 15 minutes" thing and it was about drunk driving and they took out kids in a class every 15 minutes telling you that's how many people would keep dying from drunk driving. So I guess this reminded me of tose two long days.
  • Harley
    i think this is a very touching poem but it couldn't need any work! And yes i ment to put couldn't!
  • ashlee
    omg i'm sooo sry wat happend . i no wat it feels like having to go through that kind of thing. but i hope it gets better wth u guys. but i ges i'll go maybe we can talk later or somthin! later. ~*lil'pate*~
  • Michelle
    Really BEAUTIFUL poem i loved it sad but good words in it and its the honest truth that the good person always dies and the bad person lives there life. Good writing,take care ~Michelle~
  • heather
    Well this poem has touched me i am sorry you had to go threw that i can only feel your pain while writing that.
  • sheree
    This poem is a really touching one for me because my cousin was hit by a drunk driver with her 3 year old daughter in the back seat. The baby survived without a scratch but her momma died instantly and she was onl 23.
  • jane
    Hey this is a pretty intense poem i like your style of writing it really made my emotions jump and that is what writing is all about. Keep up the great work
  • rosa
    I really loved ur poem!
  • Diana
    This is a very heart felt poem and I almost cried when I read it. Having the experence to write this peom has made really good.
  • brandi
    i realy liked this story
  • Kat
    Wow! I thought that this poem was great It was so sad it even brought tears to my eyes !
  • hali
    omg this poem is soo beautiul i started to bawl!
  • Tina
    This poem really touches out on the problem of drink drivers. I feel sympathy to the auther.
  • inez
    I like it cause this is so ture about drinking you never know what is going to happen in real life and there are a lot or people out there that just don't care at all and i think that they should.
  • Brianna
  • Makayla
    this is a great poem it is very touching and it reminds me of my best friend that was killed by a drunk driver. im sorry this happened to you too. makayla
  • Jennifer
    This poem really touched me. I am 20 now, and 2 weeks before my birthday my parents, sister, and brothers were hit in a head on collision by a drunk driver. I never really understood why this happened. I mean I thought that the people that got killed in the drunk driving accidents were the drunk drivers, not the innocent people. I felt that it was all my fault, because if it hadn't been close to my birthday, then they wouldn't have gone out. (they were on there way back from going shopping for me) Your poem has brought me back to the night that the police came to my house, and helped me realise that this would have happened to someone else if not my family. And I would rather be the one to deal with this than have someone else go through this.
  • Shelby
    This poem tells you why you shouldn't drink an drive. You can seriously injur or kill somebody. I think kids need to read this poem, and then they will decide if they want to drink and drive.
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