I wrote this a few days after my mother's death, after I asked God why he took her. We knew that it was going to happen but I never told her simply "I love you". I regret that, and I'm angry because of it. Each line starts with a letter of her name. That's important to me, because it's almost like she's with me in my poem.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

I Regret
My God, why did you take my mother?
Angles took the wrong one - not her - another.
Regret is a feeling that I feel everyday;
You took her from me, and I didn't say -

"I Love You, Mom," in my own way;
Only to hear her say it back to me.
God, why couldn't you just let us be?
She didn't deserve to die;
Didn't deserve to be in pain,
Only to leave me here asking you why -
Night after night when I cry in vain.

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  • james
    such a lovely poem especially when you are at the srart of this ugly emotianl state of mind
  • katrina
    my mom died in 2003 and i didn't get to say goodbye either this poem makes me cry
  • Shavon
    this poem is exactly what i go through everynight and day
  • chantelle
    i have just recently lost my mother i found it hard to get over but by thanks u as u have helped me wit ur poem
  • julie
    I really feel this poem! My mom passed away jan 4th after a short very short battle with cancer and it all happend so fast i feel i never had time really to tell her things i wanted to but i do know she is with me everyday and ur poem shows me this im feelin is normal that im not the only one that feels like this so thanks!
  • Miriam
    I have just lost my Mum on the 6/9/06
  • Hailie
    I know how u feel i lost my real mother when i was only 3 and i just lost my step-mum and it is hard to survive each day but i know that i got my friends and my family people who LOVE me! so just 2 say that i loved ur poem it inspres me and it is just the best don't give up keep trying u will get there soon!.
    aawww! poem is so sad and touched me alot even though ma mum not dead but its such a touchfull poem aaw makes me cry :( gd poem though
  • Kimberly Ann
    This poem really touched me because I lost my mom on December 24, 2002. I can sympathize with the other voters and the author. It is the hardest thing in the world to loose your mom, especially if you are young. I was twelve, and for the past four years I have regreted not saying things that mean the most to her. But she knows all your mothers know.
  • starlight
    i lost my mother 5 years ago today the day i found out i wasnt aloud to see her so i went to a friends and the next mornign i awoke to my father telling me she had died i never got to say i love you or goodbye and ill never forgive myself for not saying it.
    This is a beautiful poem. I lost my Mom from liver cancer on October 2004. I ask god every day why? I cry everyday, I miss her so much. If I had one wish and that would be to have my mother wih me today.
  • sara
    im trying to find an emotional poem to recite in my 10 cp english class on friday. my mom died and i cry everynight because i'm all alone. lolz im crying right now. i've written many poems myself about death && i've had a couple published. you'res was very touching. good job =]
  • norvella
    my mom dead this past saturday i love this poem thank you .
  • Ellie
    i liked it because i make up[ poems all the time because my dad died when i was sixand ur poem just hit me right in the heart thank you xxx
  • tammy
    i read your poem and it touched me greatly. i am 27 yrs old and i have recently lost my mother on September 18,2005 and i never had the chance to tell her how much i loved her or goodbye. and i regret every minute of it i wish i could get back all the moments i missed with her. but i know that isnt possible . but i also know that i will be with her once again when the angels call for me. thankyou again for such a beautiful poem.
  • methera
    this poem touched me so deep because right now I live about 16 hours from my grandamother and she is in ICU and the doctors are not giving her long to live and I'm just hopeing that I can get there fast enough to tell her that I love her so much.
  • glenda
    i liked this poem a lot. I feel the same way. I just lost my mother l week ago in a car accident. Everyday i ask these same things.
  • lorrrie
    hi i really liked your peom it remind me so much of my mom i lost my mom feb. 9th of 2005 you don't really know how much you're gonna miss your mom until she's not there anymore it really hurts me i didn't get to spend the last few days with my mom she died in the hospital i had talk to her the day before she ask if i would come and see her but i didn't have a way to come and see her even though i did ask someone in my family to take me but they never did take me they told me now an the nect morning i got a call i got woke up out of my sleep and i had a phone call i went to the phone and i had to hear the news that my mom had died i just fell to the floor cryings so bad i couldn't even take care of my little girl it's just so sad i have to live without my mom thanks for such a good peom keep up the good work
  • falicia
    i really like this poem because it explains alot of what i feel i lost my mom on jan 26 2005. so i really like it.
  • Sarahmae
    I just lost my mom not even a month ago and I feel the pain in your poem because I have the same pain every night a burning,ripping pain that you just cant shake off. I have people telling me "its over move on" but you just cant. ne ways i felt your poem down in the depths of my soul we have made a connection.
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