I wrote this poem a couple of days after my friend was killed. It talks about how I felt after his death.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

Dying Inside
Something so hard
goes straight to the soul;
it seems impossible to get over
and my heart is left with a big hole.

I'm trying to be happy, wearing a smile;
but I'm dying inside.
The world seems to be fading,
and I just want to run and hide.

Everywhere I go I see your face,
and realize how much I miss you;
and on the day you died
a piece of me died too.

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Visitor Comments (from the Voting form)
  • Angelina
    This is a very beautiful poem. my thoughts exactly!. I lost my best friend. apart of me died w/ him that day 2.
  • Blaise
    This poem really touched me because about three months ago in May a friend of mine was killed in a train-truck accident and this poem is something Ican relate my feelings about his death to.
  • stephanie
    I like this poem because. well I really don't know. But i do know that it is the best poem I've ever read. And I don't read a lot of poems. So that's why I like it. And I hope you make other poems like this one.
  • Cleshaun
    This poem really touched me
  • Tamara
    I thought who ever wrote this poem that done a very great job.
  • Jessie
    i was really close to my cuz and she died of cancer and this poem reminds me of the day of the awake and how hard it was to see her lying there. keep up the good work!
  • katie
    this is such a great poem my mom died when i was 7months and this is like my life thank you for writing this
  • laura
    this poem touched me it is very moving as i lost my brother jst not my brother he was my best friend he was killed in a car crash 4mnths ago and it ad that i will never cee him again ur poem is lovely ur friend will be very happy with u xxx
  • Kim
    I had a miscarriage recently and this is exactly how I feel. I died on that day too.
  • chantelle
    i just recently lost my bf he was so amazing i wake every morning just to cry my eyes out i loved him so much but now never to c hime again even though he is gone his memory lives on ur poe has touched me and brought to relaize i am nto alone in the worl dof loss and greif thank you
  • carlos
    This poem has touched me. I can actually say that i understand it well because iv'e lost my brother and as much as i try to act fine it kills me inside. Thank you for writing this
  • Austin
    This poem touched me greatly because less than a month ago my friend drowned in his bathtub after a drug overdose. I felt that a part of me died when he died because we we're best friends for almost a full seven years and he was there for me in my times of need and I was there for him. I really loved your peom.
  • Grace
    This Poem was very sad, it reminds me of when my nephue died, he was my best friend.
  • smith
    this poem remindes me of mu aunt and i really enjoyed it. i love to read peoms that remind me of my aunt.
  • himandme
    You're poem touched my heart, After knowing him for 2yrs and were good friends we decided to take it to the next step, and after 2 unforgetable nights God decided to take him away from me! I MISS HIM SO MUCH
  • mineshia
    hope this poem make it to number one because it had some posisitve points in this poem.
  • Matthew
    I feel your pain, and know exactly where youre coming from. I'm missing parts of me too. Keep the poems coming though, theyre great.
  • Corey
    I really like this poem alot. Im 16 and about 3 months ago two really close friends of mine had died in a car crash and I miss them soo much!
  • wendy
    hi i love the poem it said everything iam feeling right now becauce i have just lost my mum on the 5/1/06 i have taken it very hard as i was very close to my mum and it was every sudden and it broken my heart these words said it all for me because thats just the iam and iam dieing inside these words are so true thank you so much i give this 1oo% vote
  • shelly
    i recently had a tradgy happen to me, a guy i knew little about but knew he was amazing his smile made you love him. he was my sisters boyfriend and she is going through a very hard time and this poem said all the right things! i just want to tell you i am truley sorry! my heart goes out to you!
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