This is a poem in memory of Nikki who was killed in a car accident on 4/24/99. She was a good friend of mine and I want her memory to live on. The car accident was preventable, but the driver was going about 70 mph on Suicide Hill.

This poem originally was published in Sad Poems - Poems about Death

Gone So Soon
You took chances
Once too many times.
As a child you thought -
"Oh no, never me."
Life is a gift,
Given and taken at some
Unknown time.
Your time came too soon -
Your life was over in a flash.
The fun you shared,
The joy you brought,
All just a memory -
Behind us.

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  • pat
    I am so sorry for your loss. Your poem is beautiful & has so much meaning. Especially at this time. My 17 year old daughter has just lost her best friend to a preventable car crash. Where the driver was also doing 70mph in a 30 mph zone, & turned off his lights to try to out run the police. Instead he killed poor Sarah, & we miss he ever so much. Thank you.
  • Jesse
    This is amazing! it brought back some good times of my cuzin who recently died of cancer
  • Safanna
    That poem is vey touching i know what u r going through because the same happend to me too.
  • Krysti
    i voted for this cuz i had a friend named nikki who died in a car accident in 99 her sister to but i heard the driver survived and her mom was in jail at the time i think it is the sam girl she was my bestfriend she came to my house everyday to see me and i miss her so much
  • kiara
    This poem is stunning. Thankyou for writing it, because to me, it is about my cousin. He went missing a week ago and yesterday his body was found in the canal. The police don't know what happened yet. This poem touched my heart.
  • krazy d
    this poem did really touch me because i lost my best friend manny 3months ago and i lsot my boy 1 month ago. i lost around 10 people total. and im just wondering about myself. kd
  • Brandy
    I just lost a friend tuesday, he was only 19. He did made bad decisions and he was found dead on his bed. It happened so fast. I miss him terribly when i read this poem it his exactly how I felt
  • marilou
  • megan
    i love this poem! one of my good friends was killed in an ATV accident and i miss him alot!
  • Tennyson
    I want to thank you for your peom. It reminds me about my Beloved Brohter that past aways. Your peom give's me picture oftose past time. Once agian thank you very much.
  • Beverly
    i have read many poems tonight , this poem really touched the heart strings, simply but excellently explains the feelings of loss , and unfortunatley i know this feeling ,thank you.
  • Idar
    This poem is so beautiful, it reminds me of my sweet 17 year old grandson who passed away Jan. 24,2005. We miss him, he was my life,
  • Nena
    It will be a year ago April 13th that I lost a very good friend. He was 21. He died in a car accident. He had no chance of survival, he died on impact. He was the person that I could count on to keep my secrets and he always told me that he would take them to the grave. I just never thought that it would be as soon as it was. In memory of Travis Mayse I love ya!
  • Tiffany
    That is a grat pome I love it thanke.
  • olivia
    this poem is so touching man when i read it all i think about is my cousin ncarl mckenzie 3 keep on writing because you r going to go some where
  • devin
    this poems brings me to life its really good (my little sister had died on easter of 2002 in a car wreck and it put me to shame alot im still crying and praying every night that god will be with her and i know it is hard on my mom because that was her daughter and if i loved my sister more than anything i know my mom had to love her with all her heart and now my mom is doing rong things so im living with my grand parents well who ever reads this please pray for me.
  • christie
    nice poem
  • Cassy
    I had a friend who wrecked his car like 5 years ago. This poem is oh so true. He never thought being young would get him in that much trouble
  • Robyn
    Thankyou, a friend of mine died recently and he was only 15. It really helped me look at the good times we had.
  • tiara
    This poem is amazing! I like this because I lost the love of my life and my best friend on 10/30/05! JOSH I LOVE YOU BABY! I also lost 3 other guys along with him in that car accident, they had stolen a car and the driver ran them into two trees and left them there to die. He is still alive and jus knowing this makes me sooo angry. But I think everyone should read this poem and think about the choices that they make! Josh. even though I can't touch you or you're not here for me to see you're NEVER truly gone. You're always in my heart! I love you soooo much!
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